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  2. A Scenic Day Trip to Enoshima in Spring

A Scenic Day Trip to Enoshima in Spring

 2016/03/26 Yokohama   88 Views


  1. A Scenic Day Trip to Enoshima in Spring Breakfast at Bills
  2. A Scenic Day Trip to Enoshima in Spring Slam Dunk Crossing
  3. A Scenic Day Trip to Enoshima in Spring
Spring is here! Apart from the annual hype surrounding the blooming sakura, the warm weather also calls for a walk along the beach! Have you ever been to Kamakura? The area is pretty famous for the Great Buddha and the multiple temples and shrines. However, beyond the Hase station (where the Great Buddha is), the Enoshima Electric Railway stretches across the seaside of Fujisawa, all the way to the beautiful island Enoshima. I managed to drag myself out the other day and got to indulge myself in a day of good food and scenic view.

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1.A Scenic Day Trip to Enoshima in Spring Breakfast at Bills

The first stop for me was breakfast at Bills, located a minute walk away from Shichirigahama station. Bills is a restaurant that hails from Australia and it boasts the reputation of serving the best breakfast in the world. Not only is the food at Bills great, the branch at Shichirigahama has a beautiful ocean view.

In its Japan branch, it seems like the most famous item on the menu is the pancakes—thick and fluffy layers of sweetness adorned with slices of banana and honeycomb butter. However, it was noon and I was not quite ready to fill my stomach with sugar just yet. I ordered their full Aussie breakfast which was a whole platter of savoury goodness.


  • Open: [Tue-Sun] 7:00–21:00 (Last Order for food 20:00, drinks 20:30), [Mon] 7:00–17:00 (Last Order for food 16:00, drinks 16:30)
  • Address: 1-1-1 Shichirigahama Kamakura Kanagawa (link to google maps)
  • TEL: 0467-39-2244 (+81-467-39-2244)
  • URL: http://www.bills-jp.net/
  • Access: 1 min walk from Shichirigahama station (Enoshima Electric Railway)

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2.A Scenic Day Trip to Enoshima in Spring Slam Dunk Crossing

After my meal at Bills, I started my walk towards Enoshima (around 3km away from Shichirigahama). Have you ever heard of the anime Slam Dunk? If you have watched the show before, you would probably be familiar with the train crossing that faces the ocean. The actual site referenced for the anime is right here along Enoshima Electric Railway. It is in between Shichirigahama station and the next station in the direction towards Enoshima.

3.A Scenic Day Trip to Enoshima in Spring

At last, I reached Enoshima, an island full of stairways. The long flights of stairs along the route were extremely tiring but at the same time rewarding as well (For people with no stamina, there is a paid option of taking the escalator almost the whole way up). The natural landscape that surrounds the stretch of Japanese shops was extremely soothing.


Also, a lot of the shops there sell the local specialty shirasu (whitebait). There was even a shop that sold shirasu ice-cream which is absolutely out of the world. I was not quite adventurous enough and settled with a doburoku (a kind of Japanese sake) ice-cream instead (claimed to contain 1.2% of alcohol). The taste was definitely authentic.

At the end of it all, my friends and I were too tired to backtrack our way to the initial station and left from another station. Enoshima is accessible from three stations serving three different railway lines: Enoshima Station (Enoshima Electric Railway), Katase-Enoshima Station (Odakyu Enoshima Line) and Shōnan-Enoshima Station (Shōnan Monorail Enoshima Line).



Japan is a treasure for scenic spots. While temples and shrines are often the most travelled tourist areas, I tend to like the mundane natural areas that do not host particularly famous buildings or monuments. Enoshima is a great place for a day out especially if you looking for some light exercise in the good spring weather.

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