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About Personal Shopper

 2016/01/18 Personal Shopper   132 Views

Hi, Today I write about personal shopper.

I have a shopping agency service .

Please inquiry from here if if you wish to purchase agency .


Contact Me

I wrote about personal shopper at this page.

Please refer to this page.

About Personal Shopper

Now You can buy any Japanese items which you want!!


This is comments for my customers.

I bought twice from Daisuke, one from his ebay and another one from his facebook. He will try his best to get basically everything you want from japan with the most reasonable price! No worries and trustworthy seller!!! The package comes in love and well protected!!! Will continue to buy again from him!!!

Let’s enjoy shopping with me!!

Dear valued costumer,

Would you like to sell Japanese products by yourself?
Japanese products are popular world widely. Currently, 
I have many overseas buyers who purchase from me and sell them locally.

If you are interested in this idea, please contact me anytime.
I do not understand English well, 
but my shop staff can understand English to help you with.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.
Thank you.


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