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Guide in Tokyo

 2016/01/26 Tokyo   113 Views

How to find your guide in Tokyo

If you are visiting Tokyo for the first time, you may find it difficult to make yourself comfortably settled down here. Because even if you have learned basic information on Tokyo in advance, it cannot cover everything you may face in Tokyo. Also, there are so many places to visit. You may have a difficulty with planning your tour efficiently. The best method to find your way is to find a good guide who is familiar with Tokyo as well as having an ability to show you around in Tokyo using your own language. Here are tips for you to find your future guide in Tokyo.

Japan National Tourism Organization has a list of professional guide groups in different parts of Japan including Tokyo. You can find their contact address, telephone number, and available language.

・Japan National Tourism Organization


There are several websites introducing private tour guides who are capable of communicating in English and showing you around in their local areas. Tokyo has different faces. It is not only the metropolitan area where 23 wards are located to enjoy Tokyo, but also there are various cities, towns, and even villages.

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・Viator expert tour guides


・Tours by local.com


Beside above, many tourist spots, especially historical spots, usually have volunteer guides to explain their backgrounds. Don’t hesitate to ask for their guide because they are there, willing to share their culture with you.

Bus tours are popular as well. You have a lot of alternatives depending on your time limit, budget, and interest.The most famous bus tour company in Tokyo is called “Hato Bus”. There are also Japanese tourists from outside of Tokyo using “Hato bus”. You may be able to have opportunities to make friends with them during your tour.

・Hato Bus


For planning by your own

Some of you may like to make your own plans. In this case, you will be able to gain ideas for your tour from booklets distributed at stations and information centers for free. Of course, there are a lot of information on internet as well. If you have a network connection, I recommend you to take a look at a couple of websites below.

・Japan National Tourism Organization


・Japan Endless Discovery


On these websites, you can make your plan considering your location, interests, budget, and so on. Japan National Tourism Organization is available in 15 languages.

I am sure that most Japanese people are welcome to help you. Because in Tokyo, you may find different ways with public transportations to get to the same place. Usually, they cost differently and take different durations. If you have anything unclear while your planning, don’t hesitate to ask native people, for example, staffs at where you are staying.



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Tokyo has a lot of places to visit. You may find it difficult to make your plans efficiently. I introduced you to several tips to find a good guide for your trip in Tokyo. Don’t hesitate to ask Japanese people for your help.

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