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  2. The latest film of ‘ONE PIECE’ is coming soon in a number of theaters which is the greatest figure in history

The latest film of ‘ONE PIECE’ is coming soon in a number of theaters which is the greatest figure in history

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Have the film of ‘ONE PIECE’ showed in your country? and have you watched previous films of it?

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One of the most famous Japanese comics, ‘ONE PIECE’ written by Mr. Eiichiro Oda will have been showed as a film in a unprecedented number of cinemas which is exactly 743; this title is ‘ONE PIECE FILM COLD’. This figure of cinemas strikingly outnumbers the ‘Dragon Ball Z; Resurrection of ‘F’’ which had a previous record, 653 cinemas. Of course, you can watch it on not only 2D, but also on 3D, MX4D and 4DX.


On MX4D and 4DX which viewers would experience to sit on moving seat connecting to characters’ actions and would enjoy water splash and smoke, it will be a first trial for the film of ‘ONE PIECE’. Thus these theaters give them entertainments that they have a excited time through fighting scenes ‘Gear 4’ of Luffy.


Author, Mr. Oda, engages in the latest firm as a chief producer like the last one, ‘ONE PIECE FILM Z’ (2012), which recorded almost 7 billion yen as entire revenue. The latest film describes the fierce battle between the group of Luffy and the King, Gildo Tesoro, who dominates over the World Government by his fortune in the golden entertainment city ‘Gran Tesoro’. ‘ONE PIECE GOLD FILM’ is coming on 23th of July. You can watch it anywhere in Japan earlier than other countries.


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