5 recommended Gotouchi-Ekiben (boxed lunch) in Japan

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Today, I would like to recommend five popular Gotouchi-ekiben (a lunch box with special local products, which people enjoy eating in a train).

If you have a chance to travel several cities by train, try it!

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①    Ishikari Shake-meshi (石狩鮭めし)

②    Ganso-tokusen-gyuniku-bento (元祖特撰牛肉弁当)

③    Masuno-sushi (ますのすし)

④    Touge-no-kamameshi(峠の釜飯)

⑤    Tokyo-bentou(東京弁当)

*  Summary


①    Ishikari Shake-meshi (石狩鮭めし)

How beautiful the ekiben looks! It’s filled with salmon caviar! Ishikari Shake-meshi started selling in 1923, and it’s still attracting many people.


(Refer to the site : http://gurutabi.gnavi.co.jp/en/i/i_6360/)


②  Ganso-tokusen-gyuniku-bento (元祖特撰牛肉弁当)

The ekiben originated from the city called Matsuzaka, which is known for Matsuzaka-gyu, one of the best Wagyu (Japanese cattle) in Japan. It also have a more than 50 years of history, which makes you imagine how delicious it is!

(Refer to the site : http://gurutabi.gnavi.co.jp/en/i/i_6989/)


③  Masuno-sushi(ますのすし)

The ekiben is also a well-known product of Toyama prefecture. A bit salty trout is on rice, which tastes really nice with several drops of soy sauce. When you have a ride in Shinkansen(bullet train), I’m sure you find several passengers who enjoy eating Masuno-sushi.

(Refer to the site : http://gurutabi.gnavi.co.jp/en/i/i_6801/)


④  Touge-no-kamameshi(峠の釜飯)

It’s also a very popular and long-selling Gotouchi-ekiben in Japan. Touge-no-kamameshi is filled with various foods mainly from a mountain. If you are interested in Japanese traditional foods except seafood, I greatly recommend it.

(Refer to the site : http://gurutabi.gnavi.co.jp/en/i/i_6612/)


⑤  Tokyo-bentou (東京弁当)

For those who luckily have a chance to use Tokyo station, it’s worth trying! That’s because it sells only at Tokyo station, and is a masterpiece of the collaboration between some famous restaurants in Tokyo.

(Refer to the site : http://find-travel.jp/article/895)


*  Summary



For those of you who are going to get on a train from Tokyo station, don’t miss it!

(You can find it after passing a ticket gate)

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If you got interested, please visit the site “旅ぐる旅” for more information.

Here I provide one more useful information; various Gotouchi-ekibens sell at a shop named “Matsuri (祭)” in Tokyo station!

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