Amazing views that makes us remember Laputa(“Castle in the Sky”) in Japan

If you are interested in Japanese cartoons , possibly most of them have already known the movie “Castle in the Sky”, which is called Laputa in Japanese.

Imagine, how impressing it would be, if you could be in the world of Laputa.

Here’s good news.

There are several places which enables you to feel the world, with breathtaking views in Japan!

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Takedacastle2 TakedacastleRefer to the site :

When a sea of clouds appears around the castle, it looks like above. Very mysterious and beautiful, isn’t it? Because of this scenery, Takeda Castle is regarded as one of the famous spots which reminds people of Laputa.


  • ② Tomogashima (Wakayama prefecture)

YuugashimaRefer to the site :

It is a group of islands which has many abandoned building used during the World War Ⅱ. It looks like as if there is no sense of time on these islands, seeing mossy walls and unkempt trees.

  • ③ Bichu-Matsuyama Castle (Okayama Prefecture)

BichuumatsuyamacastleRefer to the site :

It also attracts people and is a place which reminds them of Laputa. As Takeda Castle introduced above, it looks mysterious when a sea of clouds appears. It’s also very unique, because the castle is located at a higher altitude than any other castles in Japan, which means, the closest castle to the sky!

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  • ④ Kitazawa-Fuyu-Senkoujou (Niigata prefecture)

KitazawafuyuusenkoujouRefer to the site :

It’s located in Sadogashima-islands. It was regarded as the busiest place for ore flotation, washing and sorting various minerals. Now, the place, with a lot of ruins which are entwined with bine plants, fascinates people again for another reason: it creates the illusion that we are in Laputa!


  • ⑤ Sarujima (Kanagawa prefecture)

Sarujima1 Sarujima2
Refer to the site:

The island also has many ruined building which were established as military facilities during World War Ⅱ. The buildings are moss-covered, and there are several tunnels built of bricks. This mysterious island is located on Tokyo Bay, thus not too difficult to visit!


  • ⑥ Besshi Douzan (Ehime prefecture)

Besshikouzan1 BEsshikouzan2Refer to the site :

This place is now called as “Machu-pichu in the East”. It was the home of many people in the past, but now no one lives. However, every year many tourists visits there for the beauty of scenery in the spot.


How was it?

I hope the information above helps you to plan your trip to Japan!

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