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Best souvenir for friend when you travel to Kyoto

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What kind of souvenir is popular in Kyoto?

Kyoto is known as one of oldest city in Japan.

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Before the Edo era, capital of Japan was Kyoto, so many historical shrine, temple and many place to visit exists.

Tea of Kyoto like “Matcha”(Green tea) is very famous and recently many matcha flavor  sweets and snack are accepted by tourist.


source : http://amachika.com

“Itokyuemon” is famous tea shop in Kyoto,  main blanch is locates in Uji city of Kyoto.

By official siet, recommended item is Uji Matcha Langue de Chat ‘Hagoromo’ (10pack) From ¥1,350 (tax included)


source: http://www.itohkyuemon.net

This is convention of traditional French sweets and Matcha.

Between cookies, Matcha chocolate is sanded.

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Tea flavor Dango is very popular

Dango (sweet rice dumpling) with tea flavor also nice souvenir.

The texture is like a gummy and soft taste.



source: http://www.mamemasa.co.jp

“Mamemasa” is long established store of Kyoto sweets and this Tea flavor Dango is popular souvenir.

6 pieces pack is 500 yen, 10 pieces pack is 800 yen.( Tax excluded)

Yojiya’s Oil blotting paper

For women, Yojiya is best place to buy cosmetics.

Yojiya is established in1904, and it is known that famous cosmetics shop in Kyoto.

make up items, skin care item also nice but oil blotting paper is the most famous there


source: http://www.yojiyacosme.com

This price is 1630 to 3260 yen (tac excluded)

Refer to this site: http://www.yojiyacosme.com/products/detail.php?product_id=92

Cute Furoshiki (wrapping cloth) also nice souvenir!

Furoshiki is Japanese traditional wrapping cloth and it purple not only wrapping something.

Sometime it forms to like a bag.


source: https://kaumo.jp

!Kyoto Kakefuda” is furoshiki shop in  Higashiyama area of Kyoto city

Refer to this site; http://www.kakefuda.co.jp/shop_guide/shop_guide_index.html



source: http://www.kakefuda.co.jp

You can wrap wine bottle too!


if you want to visit Kyoto, you must check shop in advance.

Because most of shop is carded by many tourist and you have to have enough time for shopping.

Items that I mentioned is recommended sweets and items, but there are many things that you have to buy!

Anyway let check these shop via links!

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