Breathtaking city views in Heart of Tokyo


  1. Tokyo awesome city view you must see

  2. Pretty view in Japanese style gardens

  3. Summary

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Tokyo awesome city view you must see

In Tokyo, there are so many outstanding nice view spots as you know. This time, check the heart of Tokyo. please notice there are 2 towers in Tokyo, which are within 20 miles away from each other like ‘friends’. One is ‘ Tokyo tower’, the other is called ‘Tokyo sky tree’. Both is very popular, now landmarks in Tokyo as trademark. At Night we have view spots they have romantic and mysterious illuminations and lights on the street through the whole town. And if at day, we can see awesome panoramic views from towers. You need to see the sights and beautiful views in center of the Tokyo.

Tower panoramic view

You can enjoy these panoramic view ,lately as  trademarks in center of the Tokyo, there are two towers in central Tokyo which has panoramic view on top of the tower. they are loved by also all the Tokyo-ans.

The one is called ‘Tokyo tower’, which has been located in next to East- Shrine, authentic historical Antenna tower which you can see the whole view over sights of central Tokyo. the tower’s height is 333m, the elevator takes you to top of the tower, if you like you can get out to the deck, can feel directly the sight of the city from the sky view. the Tokyo tower is a good sightseeing spot for couples, families, people get a lot kinds of souvenirs there since old 1960s. that used to be television Antenna tower, the part of Tokyo history of development industry. there is a movie named ‘Tokyo Tower’ ,which is romantic heartfelt love story filmed on 2005. You can feel the good air if check it out.

Tokyo tower
Tokyo tower

The other new antenna tower has been built early 2010 for applying digital broadcasts, which is called ‘Tokyo Sky tree’, which is newly the tallest tower in Japan, the height is 634m. You can enjoy the sight and panoramic view of Tokyo bay front, bay bridge and whole city view.

Also sky tree is located right next to Asakusa shrine, you can walk around Asakusa area such a lot of fun, so famous and popular fun to visit. From Edo era around Sixteenth century, Asakusa has been a popular shrine and street markets for all the people. You can enjoy and find a lot of varieties of Japanese market food, and traditional Japanese crafts and items.

Another 10 minutes walk you can also find ‘Ryogoku Edo museum’ if you are interested in history and culture of old Tokyo.

sky tree
sky tree

Pretty view in beautiful Japanese style gardens

You must see some beautiful Japanese style gardens in the center of the city. there is like oasis in the concrete jungle Tokyo.

On top of Emperor garden, Japan has a lot of Japanese style garden for initially created only emperor families, or sophisticated people then after general garden for all the civilian people.

1.Okuma Teien– west center of Tokyo, once you google it, you can see green, peaceful pond, and flowers in silence. more than 130 years ago, modern Japan era, Shigenobu Okuma, who is one of the facilitator of Meiji government, also established Waseda Univercity, he had designed this garden. Pond for carps, flowers for relaxing. The layout guides you very quiet comfortable moment.

2. Meguro Gajoen–South center of Tokyo, there is large beautiful botanical garden. Their roses and cherry blossoms are breathtaking especially in March end or early April spring.

3.Yoyogi park–it is located in heart of Harajuku. As you know busiest crowded with young fashion culture city. There used to be also an emperors garden, so you can enjoy green quiet peaceful garden in there. You can enjoy taking picture of birds, or you can enjoy drawing picture in there.


If you want to feel heart of Tokyo, please try enjoyable panoramic view and Japanese gardens. These texture and architecture are part of Tokyo culture. You can relax and enjoy the exotic feeling and energy. Not only as a tourist, you can sense the breath of Tokyo city.

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