Cape Zampa : Cape Zampa Lighthouse , Animal Touch Corner , Cape Station

Cape Zampa is located at Yomitan villedge in the middle of Okinawa island. There is a cliff whose height is 30m and last about 2 km, facing East China Sea. U.S. military used Cape Zampa as a landmark in 1945 at the war, which means it has distinguished geographical features. On sunny days you can see Kerama islands from here and it is known as one of the most beautiful sunset spot.
The northern part of the cape is designated as a protected area. It is important as here still remains natural coast line. Now most coastal areas of the island are developed. This area is maintained by Yomitan village as Cape Zampa Park.
Although the promenade around the lighthouse is maintained, many of them are not maintained. So you sometimes have to walk on the rocks. It is recommended to wear proper shoes rather than sandals. Also as there are many places without fences, you need to be careful not to fall off from the cliff.
You can see beautiful blue ocean from the light house. It is also famous for fishing and diving point. As outer currents and inner currents meet here there are both fishes from outer reef and inner reef. Sometimes marlins are caught.
You need about 20 to 30 minutes to go around. If you go down along the cliff more time is required.

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Cape Zampa Lighthouse

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Cape Zampa Lighthouse is a symbol of the cape. You can see the 31meters tall white light house from far away. On sunny days you can see East China Sea very well and Kerama islands as well. If you are lucky you can see Aguni island, Tonaki island, and Kume island. The view from here is breathtaking. You can see 360 degrees around.

★ Lighthouse entrance fee Adult 200 Yen (junior high school student or above)
Opening hours: 9: 30 – 16: 30 (May to September), 9: 00 ~ 16: 00 (October to April)

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Animal Touch Corner

There is an animal touch corner near the parking lot. Small animals such as goats and chickens are kept here and you can touch them. Although the scale is small, many people especially children enjoy this place. You can also feed the animals. You can buy food to feed for 100 yen at the at the Cape station.

Cape Station

Cape Station is located near the parking lot of Cape Zampa. There is a restaurant and shops. Toilets and showers are equipped. You can use showers for 100 Yen.

Huge Seesar

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There is a huge Seesar called ‘Zampa Oojishi'(残波大獅子). The height of it is 8.75 meters. Mr. Minoru Kinjo, a sculptor, made this huge seesar in 1985. During the Ryukyu dynasty. Yomitan village did trade with China and many people and goods crossed the sea. The purpose of it is to pass the fact that the village gained many things from China to the next generations. Thus Zampa Oojishi’lies in the direction to China. When Mr Kinjou made this nearly 1,000 people cooperated.
Seesar is a Okinawan charm to protect one from evil. Usually they are smaller and the size varies from handy to 30cm tall. Local people use them as charm however they are also sold as souvenir for tourists.
This huge seesar is one of the symbol of Cape Zampa and is a very popular photo spot.

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Zampa Beach

You can not snorkel or swim at Cape Zampa as the tides and currents are very quick around here but there is a beach called ‘Zampa Beach’ on the side of cape. You can enjoy snorkel and swimming there.


You can go by a car by using the following routes.
1. Okinawa Express Way and general road.
The distance from Naha Airport from Zampa is 53km. Use Express Way from Tomigusuku・Nakachi IC to Okinawa South IC. It takes 1 hour and 10 minutes.
2. Use General road only
The distance from Naha Airport from Zampa is 37km. Take Route 58 from Naha Airport. It takes approximately 1hour and 20 minutes


Parking Lot is free and toilets are equipped at both Cape Zampa Park and Cape Station

Yomitan village website:

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