Deep specialty products in Osaka


  1. Ika yaki
2. Horumon

3. Hako zushi


5.  Summary

Once you hear about Osaka’s local specialty, you may come up with Takoyaki, or Okonomiyaki.

I will tell you deeper local food in Osaka.

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Ika yaki

The reader has perhaps sensed a theme in Osaka-region cuisine: yaki, yaki, loads of yaki. The Osakans are no fools; grilled stuff tastes good. Ikayaki translates to grilled squid, but in this region, the term refers to squid-filled pancakes. The batter is filled with chopped squid and folded like a crepe. A popular street snack, but the Hanshin Department Store Snack Park is known for its rendition of this treat.



Speaking of organ meats, you’ll find them on lots of menus in Osaka. Some claim it’s the Korean influence; some call it “stamina-building food,” some just shut up and eat. Often on tap: barbecued kokoro (chicken heart), tangu (beef tongue), reba (liver), zuri (chicken gizzards), and intestines. Cartilage and skin are also popular, usually served up fried.

Hako zushi

It’s sushi, but it’s square! How do they do it? They press it flat in a bamboo box (hako). Traditional fish used for this kind of sushi includes toasty brown eel, pink sea bream, yellow omelet, dark kikurage mushrooms, and red shrimp. A tapestry-like work of art you can actually eat.

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Similar to chowanmushi (savory custard soup), odamakimushi provides the same hit of comfort, but laced with with chewy udon noodles. Originally eaten only by wealthy merchants on special occasions, as eggs were once considered a delicacy. Old-world delicacy for everyone!



What do you think?  you can now understand how deep Japanese food culture are.  Let’s visit Japan and find out by yourself.

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