Don’t throw it in a trash can! Dried orange peel has a great effect on your health!

As we say “こたつにみかん ( kotatsu with oranges)” in Japan, orange is one of the most popular fruits in winter.

( Kotatsu is a traditional heating. It’s a table covered with a thick blanket, under which has an electric heating.)


We need to peel an orange, when we eat one.

I think most of you throw it in a trash can.


Why not stop putting orange peel in a trash can from today?

In fact, dried orange peel, called Chinpi(陳皮)  gives us a good effect on our health!


Today, I’m telling you effects and efficacies that dried orange peel has.




1. The effects and efficacies of dried orange peel



(1) Relaxing effect


Many of you already know that citrus scent works to make us relaxed.

Of course dried orange peel also has an effect to relax us!

When you feel irritated and stressed, eat an orange and enjoy both the taste and the scent!

It helps you to calm you.


I don’t recommend it to you when you want to concentrate, because it has an opposite effect.



(2) Improving blood current


Dried orange peel has an effect to improve blood capillary, which as a result improves your blood current.

Contrary to orange, having an effect to cool your body, its peel helps to warm your body, which results in having better blood current.


However, if you have high blood pressure, dried orange peel might not work well for you, because it may raise your blood pressure.



(3) Anti-aging


Dried orange peel contains some types of polyphenol.

It doesn’t have a great amount of polyphenol, but it has anti-aging and antioxidative effects to some extent.



(4) Improving skin condition


Many of you already know that orange contains rich vitamins.

However, do you know that dried orange peel also contains them?


We can say that orange is a super fruit that brings us beautiful skin and better health condition when we take orange and its peel together!




(5) Supporting digestive system


Dried orange peel is known as a supporter of digestive system!

When you are suffering from loss of appetite, stodginess and poor digestion, take some!

It works well to have better digestive system.


When you feel something wrong in your stomach, try it!



(6) Supporting liver system


Not only dried orange peel support your stomach, but also it aids the liver!

When you have hangover after a party, it’s nice to take some orange peel to take care of the liver!




(7) Alleviating allergen reaction


For those who are allergic to something, such as pollen dust, dried orange peel has a great effect!

Sometimes it offers more advantages in running nose and some symptoms from pollen allergy than medicine.


It’s nice to put an orange in your bag in the season of pollen dust.



(8) Stop coughing


When you can’t stop coughing, or have much sputum, dried orange peel works well.

Put some orange peel in hot drink!

It produces better effects by soothing your throat!



(9) Preventing and alleviating swelling


We can expect the effects to prevent and alleviate swelling, by taking some dried orange peel.

Many of women suffer from swelling, so it’s nice to try!



(10) Preventing and alleviating the feeling of cold


It is said dried orange peel has a positive effect to prevent and alleviate the feeling of cold.

Taking some dried orange peel, you can prevent swelling, and your blood current gets better.

As a result, your body temperature goes up and you can successfully alleviate the feeling of cold!

If you are suffering from stiff shoulders that stem from the sensitivity of cold, it will be alleviated by dried orange peel.




Now, you know that dried orange peel gives you various positive effects on your body.

When you continue to take it constantly, it works to support you to diet!


It is understandable that alleviating the feeling of cold rises your body temperature and improve blood current, which results in boosting your metabolism; a primary success factor to lose weight!


Also, dried orange peel can be a great supporter for those who want to diet, in that it works to reduce the absorption of fat and sugar.


Then, I’m telling you some effective way to take orange peel in dairy life.



2. How to take orange peel



(1) Putting it in a drink


This is the easiest, and one of the most popular ways to take dried orange peel.

Here, I strongly recommend hot tea to you!

Enjoy the taste, smell and effects!


Of course, putting it in hot water or hot milk is also fine.

If you want to make it sweeter, put honey or sugar with it in your drink.



(2) Cooking


Dried orange peel can be used as a seasoning in daily life!

In fact, it is used in Shichimi-Togarashi(七味唐辛子), pepper made with seven ingredients.


Putting a little amount of dried orange peel in what you made or mixing it with sugar or salt will give dishes great scent.


Dried orange peel also goes well together with ginger.

When you cook something with ginger, why not add some?



(3) As an ingredient


Of course, you can use it as an ingredient!

I think you know it’s popular to use dried orange peel when you bake cakes or cookies.

Some people slice it to add on a bowl of rice or noodles.


I recommend that you should shred it finely.



(4) Putting it in a bath tub


It has a positive effect on your skin!

Hot water makes it easy to absorb the components of dried orange peel from skin.

In addition, its scent makes you relaxed.

It’s a perfect natural bath additive, isn’t it?





3. Before having positive effects of orange peel



Next, I’m telling you things to know before using dried orange peel.

In fact, you need to prepare to use it.



(1) What kind of orange is ideal for making dried orange peel?


If you can, buy organic oranges without being waxed.

If you can’t find ones, wash it with detergent for foods or with lukewarm water.


(2) Basket to dry orange peel


Use a basket when you dry orange peel.

Choose one in which air easily goes through.



(3) Well-closed container to put dried orange peel


When you make dried orange peel by yourself, it doesn’t contain preservation agent.

So, it easily goes bad.

When dried orange peel is ready to use, put it in a clean well-closed container, in order to preserve longer.

It’s nice to put the container in a fridge.



4. How to make dried orange peel?



It’s pretty easy!

Nothing difficult!


(1) Peel orange, and remove the peel.

→ When you need, wash the peel.


(2) Make it dried perfectly


It’s the most important point.

Put it where air easily goes through, either in the sun or in a shady place, in order to dry it perfectly.


Also, when weather is not good, put it in a room.

It’s nice to place it in front of a fan, or store in a fridge.





How was it?

Dried orange peel indeed has been used in Chinese herbal remedy and as natural medicine for a long time.

Not only we but also ancient people know how effective dried orange peel is.


It’s winter, and many people eat oranges.

Don’t you think it’s great to be healthier by taking dried orange peel?


Are you interested in dried orange peel?


For those who want to try dried orange peel but don’t have time to make it at home, buy it at a supermarket or on the Internet!

I don’t think it’s easy to find it in Japan.



I hope you enjoy using dried orange peel!