Five recommended Starbucks tumblers you can buy in Japan!

Are you easily able to decide what to buy as souvenirs in Japan?

If not, why not choose tumblers which you can buy in Starbucks?

Some cities have original Starbucks tumblers with pictures of popular tourist destinations. Thus I’m sure they are pretty good souvenirs for you, your family and your friends.

Here, I would like to recommend 5 tumblers which can please people as a souvenir from your travels in Japan.



  • ① Tokyo Tumbler

  • ② Kyoto Tumbler

  • ③ Hiroshima Tumbler

  • ④ Okinawa Tumbler

  • ⑤ Airport Tumbler

  • Summary

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① Tokyo tumbler

Definitely, most of visitors are interested in Tokyo, the capital of Japan with leading-edge cultures. The tumbler of Tokyo has the colorful picture of Japanese largest metropolis. It represents the coolness and warmness of Tokyo as an urban area.

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② Kyoto tumbler

If you are planning to visit Kyoto, the city with innumerable temples and shrines, don’t forget to step in a Starbucks and buy a tumbler unique to Kyoto! The famous temple “Kinkaku-ji”, a maiko (an apprentice geisha, singing, performing dances, playing some traditional musical instruments such as shamisen, and so on.), and a traditional Japanese garden are drew in the picture on it. It makes us feel luxury with it, because it has a small amount of gold powder!

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③ Hiroshima tumbler

Hiroshima city also has its original tumbler. It has the picture of Ootorii in Itsukushima shrine, which is one of the most sacred shrines in Japan, and also the most popular tourist destinations in Hiroshima. Shimanami-kaido, a long road with beautiful landscape, which connects several islands, is also depicted on the tumbler.

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④ Okinawa tumbler

If you have a chance to have a trip in Okinawa, I strongly recommend to get the Okinawa tumbler in a Starbucks! With vivid colors, the tumbler has the pictures of hibiscus flowers and shiisa (a lion-shaped god which is said to guard home). When you arrive home and see the tumbler, I’m sure you easily remember Okinawa’s unique atmosphere!

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⑤ Airport tumbler

In case you want a non-city-specific tumbler, let’s choose Airport tumbler! It sells in Starbucks located in airports. With a map of Japan and pictures which symbolize Japan, we can say it is the most Japanesy Starbucks tumbler you can get in Japan.

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How is it? Will they be interesting souvenirs for you?

If you like it, don’t forget to spare time for buying them!

Have a nice trip!

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