From Akihabara to Haneda get used to riding in the boat!

About 90 years ago of the infrastructure “Manseibashi dock” in the opportunity the effective use of (Akihabara), focused on the base of the pier, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, which has been considering the setting of a stretch connecting route to Haneda Airport, Haneda Airport – today announced the implementation of the ship transportation social experiment between Akihabara.

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“Third-order ship transportation will conduct social experiments (Spring) between from May to June,” So, already the first order, they had also been carried out the second-order.

This experiment is scheduled to Operators of “Five” is carried out by setting a variety of courses of “Seven”. It also begins with a variety of efforts by “regional cheering squad” to liven up the experiment.


In the first experiment of September 2015, it seems also has on board 1,500 people in eight days.


And, this time of the third-order ship transportation social experiment (Spring) but – looking ahead and pay boarding participants to the course connecting the “Haneda Airport Akihabara”. Application from here. The cost is ¥ 4,990.


Tourists arriving at Haneda Airport, aboard the ship that I say ‥‥ to go to Akihabara, Will be incorporated into the 2020 tour. On the contrary to shop in Akihabara, towards the Haneda Airport.

I also have a marine license, I sometimes ran many times the metropolitan area of the waterway, also because Tokyo look up from more low location, also thing of awesome. Moves while also serves as a tourist, yet because does not fit in traffic is, it is also the merit of a ship unique.

Cruising Kanda River and the Sumida River by boat, because I think also that it can not be rare to experience, by all means if you are interested!

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