Have a meal in a Japanese Elementary School Classroom!


  1. Meal in a Japanese Elementary School Classroom Japanese School Lunch (kyūshoku)
  2. Meal in a Japanese Elementary School Classroom Roku-nen-yon-kumi (64)
  3. Roku-nen-yon-kumi Restaurant Details
Have you ever wondered how elementary school is like for Japanese students? This new restaurant situated in the bustling shopping and entertainment area of Shibuya has re-enacted the elementary school setting for Japanese to soak themselves in nostalgia.

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1.Meal in a Japanese Elementary School Classroom Japanese School Lunch (kyūshoku)

In many elementary and junior high schools in Japan, students are provided with school lunch. This system originates from an effort to provide food for children in poverty during the Meiji period. Thereafter, the government started to promote the idea of lunch provision in schools which was seen as an effort to improve children’s health. In postwar Japan, it became a practice that was spread across the nation. Today, the school lunch program continues in a majority of elementary and junior high schools. It continues to be seen as an effective way to control the nutritional balance of children. As the sight of a typical school lunch evokes a strong sense of nostalgia amongst adults, this restaurant, located in Shibuya, is garnering strong popularity and has made multiple appearances on television.

2. Meal in a Japanese Elementary School Classroom Roku-nen-yon-kumi (6年4組)

This izakaya restaurant in Shibuya allows you to experience the atmosphere as well as food eaten in Japanese elementary schools. From the interior design to food, the restaurant has intricately designed every detail to reproduce the elementary school experience. Even the background music is said to be selected based on the popular songs of the ‘old days’. As a result, the restaurant is a popular place for class reunion banquets. For foreigners who have never experienced how it is like to have lunch provided in school, it serves as an interesting place for one to see how it is like for Japanese kids in school.


Moreover, have you ever noticed how Japanese elementary school students all carry the same school bags? Those petite and firm backpacks, known as randoseru, are also available as photo props for you at the restaurant.

However, one thing that is perhaps a little out of place in this restaurant is the alcohol. As an izakaya restaurant that is the typical drinking place for Japanese to eat, chat and relax, alcohol is indispensable, especially when the restaurant is trying to attract the adult audience.

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3. Meal in a Japanese Elementary School Classroom Restaurant Details

  • Open: 17:00 – 23:30 (Last order 23:00)
  • Address: 32-21 Udagawacho, Shibuya, Tokyo (link to google maps)
  • TEL: 050-5872-4014 (for reservation), 03-3496-6040 (for inquiry)
  • URL: http://www.6nen4kumi.com/shibuya/
  • Access: 5 minutes walk from JR Shibuya station. Restaurant is located along the center street of Shibuya, in front of Yoshimoto Hall. The restaurant is located on the 5th floor of Asoruti building


Some of us may have an impression of Japanese school life through media, such as television dramas or Japanese animation. However, these are often very limited in their portrayal of what it is like for Japanese students. A trip to this restaurant will show you what Japanese themselves find nostalgic from their elementary school life and offer a glimpse into the intricacies of Japanese school food.

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