How to lose weight, eating ice cream?

Here is delightful news for you, who wanna diet for summer!

Now in Japan, it’s a hot topic to eat ice cream to lose weight!

Let’s see, how it helps and how we can.

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① Eat ice cream in the morning

Yes, just eat 80ml-120ml of ice cream, instead of having breakfast.

However, you have to pay attention to one thing.

The following paragraph tells you about it.


② Choose “ice cream”

You may feel it’s easy, but here you need to be careful.

So-called “ice cream” in Japanese is categorized into three products: “ice cream”, iced milk, and lacto-ice-cream. And the point is to choose “ice cream”, which has the highest percentage of fat and milk solid.

In Japan, ice cream has been recognized as a nutritious food, and scientifically it’s true. It has rich nutrition, such as, good quality of protein and fat, various vitamins and minerals, lactose. Therefore, we can see how useful ice cream is, especially for women who would like to diet. It helps to sustain health, protect bones, improve the condition of skins, and we can expect positive effects on your enteral environment.


③ Ice cream as an ideal foods to diet

The key to succeed in losing weight is the way to take fat.

Some of you have already known the fact that you have to take some amount of fat every day, for sustaining your health. Eating ice cream everyday helps you to take a necessary amount of fat for a day. In addition, fat in ice cream quickly changes into energy and is less likely to be a part of your body. Moreover, it prevents from feeling starved and rebounding. Furthermore, blood-sugar level doesn’t increase rapidly after eating it.

Thus, you know how ideal it is!


④ The scent of vanilla makes you feel happy and relaxed

Vanilla flavor is highly recommended, because the smell of vanilla has an appetite suppression effect, and it makes us feel relaxed and happy, getting rid of stress from dieting. Calcium in ice cream also works well in order to stabilize feelings when you are dieting.


⑤ Eat ice cream as breakfast or as an afternoon snack

The best time for eating ice cream is morning. It wakens your brain, making it easy to move your body, and discourages you from eating more than you need. Calorie consumption rises after eating ice cream, because the body tries to raise its temperature, which is cooled by eating it, by using calories.

Some of you might think it’s difficult to eat ice cream for breakfast. In this case, eat it as an afternoon snack around 3pm, when your metabolism rises. You shouldn’t eat it after 3pm, since your body tries to store calories in itself.


How was it?

I hope you have a good result!

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