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Indian restaurants in Tokyo

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Tandoori chicken


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Did you know Indian food is so popular and Japanese people enjoy a lot? there is a lot of good Indian food place to introduce.

On top of that, Japanese people love ‘Curry’. You can’t believe that curry is Japanese food by their own recipe. There has in every train station a first food stand serving curry. Each station area  there are curry stand, even family diner they have curry as regular menu. Japanese people is very familiar with curry; ‘Curry’n rice’.

Japanese loves Indian curry

Please check the Indian restaurants near by college or university in Tokyo. Shinjuku ,Yoyogi, Shibuya  and Waseda area close to school, there is a lot of Indian restaurants you can find. There are around 23K Indian population in Japan, and almost 40% of them are living in Tokyo area. So Descendant Indian people and immigrants cook Indian food  in the restaurants all around Tokyo area. Indian food secret is all by ‘herb’ and ‘spice’. their spicy flavor is from deep marinade recipe, kicking and match with Tokyo’s weather and climate. So Indian food is getting more familiar these days in all around Tokyo. Another thing why Indian restaurants are located near by school, because they are good price and have good volume. Some restaurants do buffet, a lot of people like to eat curry even every day, that is why young people or businessmen often go to curry restaurants. Curry with nunn is most popular way to eat curry in Tokyo.

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British subcontinent

Part of India used to be an subcontinent of England during 18th through 19th century, which called British India. England traders ruled India. In India they make tea of British style as named Darjeeling tea. Indian people get familiar with British cultures and manners, British people interact Indian culture too. England and Japan had been in good relationship until before world war 2, Indian people came to live in Japan.

Tandoori chicken and samosa

Thanks to Japans humid and moist weather, Japanese people like spicy food. You must try other Indian dishes. In Tokyo there is way better dishes you can have than any other countries, because they care quality.A must try or a theory for you is curry, they have buttered chicken, matton, vegi curry and so on, all match with rice or nunn. spices make your organs circulation smooth too. that is probably why India people stays in shape, cause they have a lot of natural herbs and spices.

Second popular dish is Tandoori chicken. this dish is marinade chicken with spice and yogurt. the chicken tastes very tender and flavorful.  Indian people put the marinade leftover sauce to cook curry. the taste is so good and mild spicy, you might like better than hot wings.

Samosa is a common snack in India made of potatoes and muttons. the triangle shape and size is sizzling, deep fried crispy snacks, which is good with salsa sauce. Once you like spicy food you must like them.

Tandoori chicken

Taste to enjoy

How come you get to like Indian food? Have you visited India on trip? Or you are interested in Indian food. Any who likes Indian food, you will love Indian restaurants in Tokyo. Each dish is reasonable, and you can ask anything about what the food is like. The more variety you try, the more you will enjoy the Indian style foods. Around 90 popular Indian recipes you can have. Once you enter the restaurant, you will like the smell of spice, exotic interior. For coulples, families,  with friends or even alone,  it is quite comfortable to get in the restaurant.


One of the best culture in Japan is Japan appreciate mixed Asian culture. People enjoy variety. Japanese personality is a sort of shy, reserved and decent. You can find and try a lot of kids of food, which is high quality and tasty. You will not regret once you try everything you are interested in. Indian restaurants provide you kicking flavorful cuisine.

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Tandoori chicken


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