JAPAN RAIL PASS -Cheap and Economic Shinkansen Ticket-

Have you gotten on bullet trains? Japanese bullet trains are wonderful because it is always on time and there are many lines across Japan. So you can go anywhere while stopping over some places. Some people may be reluctant to use the bullet trains because of expensive tickets fee. But they offer a special kind of the economic and convenient ticket for only tourists from foreign countries, so you don’t have to give up using the trains. The ticket is called “Japan Rail Pass”. Today I want to tell you how economic Japan Rail Pass is.

What’s Japan Rail Pass?
The pass is valid for a certain period and you are eligible to use All JR Group Railways-Shinkansen”bullet trains” (except any reserved or non-reserved seat on “NOZOMI” and “MIZUHO” trains) limited express trains, express trains, and rapid or local trains, and the BRT. You can choose each available period from 7-day, 14-day, or 21-day. In addition, there are two types of train classes: Green (for superior-class Green cars) and Ordinary.
Further detail information: Japan Rail Pass

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1. Approximate expenditure of using bullet trains in Japan

When you buy each bullet train ticket in an ordinary way…
Example 1: Tokyo-Osaka
One-way trip: 14,250 yen
Round-way trip: 28,500 yen

Example 2: Tokyo-Kanazawa
One-way trip: 13,920 yen
Round-way trip: 27,840 yen

Example 3: Tokyo-Hakata
One-way trip: 22,440yen
Round-way trip: 44,880yen

*These are approximate costs.

So you can find how to get your destination and how much it exactly costs when you go: Japan transit Planner

2. An economic trip plan by Japan Rail Pass

For instance, you make a 7-days round trip plan to go to Hiroshima from Tokyo via Osaka and Kyoto by bullet trains.

Case 1: You don’t use any discount ticket.
Tokyo-Hiroshima: 18,880 yen
Hiroshima-Osaka: 10,440 yen
Osaka-Kyoto: 3,020 yen
Kyoto-Tokyo: 13,710 yen
Total amount: 46,050 yen

Case 2: You use Japan Rail Pass for 7days, ordinary.

You can get on and off bullet trains whenever you like.

*Please note that you can’t get on “NOZOMI” and “MIZUHO” trains on the Tokaido, Sanyo and Kyushu Shinkansen lines. This is only a disadvantage of the ticket, but it is a great way to save your money especially when you want to go distant places while breaking journey.
Tokyo-Hiroshima: 0 yen
Hiroshima-Osaka: 0 yen
Osaka-Kyoto: 0 yen
Kyoto-Tokyo: 0 yen
Total amount: 29,110 yen


You can save 16,940 yen!


3. Summary

JAPAN RAIL PASS can make your trip smart. Enjoy your long holiday in Japan by this economic ticket!

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