Japanese retrospective Hotel in Kanto.

Today I would like to introduce the Japanese retrospective Hotel recommended in Kanto region.



  1. Tokyo Station Hotel [Tokyo]

  2. Honke Bankyu [Tochigi]

  3. Sekizenkan [Gunma]

  4. Summary

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1.Tokyo Station Hotel [Tokyo]

Refer to this site: http://www.tokyostationhotel.jp/

It’s been opened at the Tokyo Station Marunouchi side station building “Tokyo Station Hotel” 1915 in practice for about 100 years from, we have continued to watch the history of the people and the city at the center of Tokyo. Tradition has alive from the red brick of the station building and former great writer rooms, such as Taisho of loved era is an important cultural property of the country.

It is popular in the venerable Japanese hotel because the reservation is better to as soon as possible.

Please check availability is confirmed by this site.

2.Honke Bankyu [Tochigi]

Refer to this site: http://cdn.jalan.jp/

Can be reached in as little as three hours from Tokyo “Honke Bankyu” is, founded 1666 years.
It is a long hotel valuable very history in Japan.

The world, such as one step into and in the lobby there was stopped when from ancient times. In appearance by taking advantage of a large tree of tree rings and precious wood such as natural materials, the rooms are all flavor has become a different structure.

Please check more information from here.

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3.Sekizenkan [Gunma]

Built in 1691 years, it has been reported to be the oldest wooden building Hotel Japan “Sekizenkan”. Also designated cultural property of Gunma Prefecture, it is the registration of historical value high, is a rare hot spring inn to leave also still heavily now the atmosphere of the old-fashioned Hotel architecture.

In this hotel, you can rest in a very calm mood.

Room reservation here from the site.


What did you think?
It is very nice experience I think also feel the history staying at the hotel can feel the history of Japan.

See you.

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