Japanese Vegan Recipe based on ZEN called Shojin-ryohri Vol.01



1 About Spinach dressed with soybean curd and white sesame seeds

2 Ingredients of serving four portions

3 The recipe for Vegans by Japanese style

4 Summary

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1 About Spinach dressed with soybean curd and white sesame seeds


This is one of Shojin-ryohri which is dressed spinach, konjac and carrot with tofu and sesame sauce.

It is said ‘the spinach tossed a white’ because the tofu sauce looks like a white.


refer to this site : http://recipe.rakuten.co.jp/recipe/1780011634/

2 Ingredients of serving four portions


150g of firm tofu

30cc (2tbsp) of ground white sesame seeds

30cc (2tbsp) of sugar [depends on you]

3cc (1/2tsp) of salt

A moderate amount of konjac which is yam cake made from the devils tongue plant

A moderate amount of carrot (about 1/3 of a carrot)

About three bunches of spinach

100g of kelp-flavored stock

1cc (1/5tsp) of salt

5cc (1tsp) of sugar

3cc (1/2tsp) of soy sauce

5cc (1tsp) of Mirin which is the sweetened sake

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3 The recipe for Vegans by Japanese style


A – IN the first, boil spinach in salted water. Drain it well then chop it into about 3 cm.


B – Chop konjac and carrot into rectangular sticks about 3 cm long each. Blanch them 1 minute then drain them well.

Simmer drained konjac and carrot over a medium flame in the kelp-flavored stock adding salt, sugar, soy sauce and mirin.

You should simmer them well until the stock gone.




C – Leave the torn firm tofu on the strainer to drain it for 20 minutes while you are simmering.




D – Beat the ground white sesame seeds and the torn drained firm tofu in the mortar adding sugar and salt until they become smooth.


E – Finally toss the all of them, the well-drained spinach, simmered konjac and carrot and smooth tofu.


4 Summary

Do you think it looks easy to cook?

The tips of well-done are to drain-well and to season-well beforehand.

If you have no konjac or not good at konjac, you can use more spinach and carrot instead.

If you have a difficulty of getting Mirin, it’s no problem to cook them without it.

Give it a try!

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