Japanese Vegan Recipe based on ZEN called Shojin-ryohri Vol.02



1 About Fry-simmered new potatoes called A-Ge-Ni

2 Ingredients of serving four portions

3 The recipe for Vegans by Japanese style

4 Summary

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1 About Fry-simmered new-potatoes called A-Ge-Ni

refer to this site : http://www.kongohin.or.jp/recipe0110.html ,


Actually, new-potatoes taste less sweet and less body because of young itself. But it will taste savory by the way of cooking called A-Ge-Ni.

The point is to fry the potatoes unpeeled.

You would enjoy tasty potatoes in spite of young flavored potatoes.

2 Ingredients of serving four portions


400g of new-potatoes

A moderate amount of salad oil (cooking oil)

30cc (2tbsp) of sugar [it depends on you, you can try any sweetener.]

15cc (1tbsp) of soy sauce

30cc (2tbsp) of sake

30cc (2tbsp) of kelp-flavored stock [it is no problem using just water instead.]

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3 The recipe for Vegans by Japanese style


A – Wash the potatoes in water to get rid of the stains with a scrubbing-brush.

Drain them well with paper towel.

Put them in a frying pan after cutting them into halves each.

Add salad oil in it about half height of potatoes.



B – Deep-fry the potatoes over a medium flame until they are tender.

Dip up the potatoes and drain them well with paper towel.


C – Clean up the frying pan.

Simmer all of the seasonings with sugar in the pan.

Add the potatoes to the seasoning in the pan and mix them thoroughly over a low flame.


D – Mix them well with swing the pan not to burn.

They will be glossy in the pan at the seasoning goes away.

Then it’s done.


4 Summary


The tip of well-done is the strength of fire.

Be careful of the fire condition not to burn.

You can eat the new-potatoes with its peels. That can be taken nutrition.

Give it a try!

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