Kamakura Japan awesome Experience


  1. Kamakura Beauty
  2. Shonan beach
  3. Summary
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Kamakura Beauty

Kamakura  is one of the symbol of Japanese beauty. It is located in South of Tokyo, in around an hour by train from Shinagawa station you can encounter small awesome beach town. the train free afternoon pass is very useful to stop around all Kamakura area. You can get off and on with one pass through the afternoon.

Kamakura, the city use to be the capital in ancient Japan during 13th century, there was the 4th biggest city in the world. Japanese shogun invented all historical city and cultures.

They have a lot of historical beautiful shrines and temples, such as ‘Tsurugaoka Hachimangu’,’Kencho

temple’,’ Hase temple’ and more of temples. Since back in Kamakura era, people and Capitals had been dedicated to Buddhism. These architecture is breathtaking scenery, and the air is quiet in peace and sacred. Every New year a lot of people come to visit temples to pray for good luck there.

You can also see a huge beautiful Great Buddha statue. The great Buddha is an icon of Japan, created in 1252. For such a long years it has stayed graceful.

It weighs 121 ton, the profile has stayed calm and beautiful.

Buddha statue

Walking around the  Kamakura

Once you step down on Kamakura station, if you turn left, there is the long pretty arcade and markets whole the mile way to ‘Tsurugaoka hachimangu’ shrine. If you turn right, you can walk to the Kamakura beach in a mile.

This Kamakura arcade market is such a fun, joyful spot which is very popular during all season in Japan with families, couples, and also tourists. Kamakura is also a gourmet spot which has a lot of tasty Japanese cuisine restaurants and coffee shops.

You can eat ‘Senbei’  baked rice cracker, ‘Omochi ‘baked rice cake, ‘Amazake’ sweeten rice drink, and all those snacks are cooking live in front of the store. they are fresh and tasty, a touch of taste of Japan.

Also you can see small detail craft shop for glass art or poetry. Please check those detail texture and works.

You can take a craft experience sessions there. Please talk to store person they are so polite and friendly.

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Slow and lost in bamboo forest

You will enjoy breathtaking bamboo forest walking. Definitely it is stunning in spring. Around temples and shrines paths, there is calm and peaceful bamboo forest. its smell and air is so slow and therapeutic. Let yourself a little lost for a minute in  there. it is priceless moment to feel the nature and Japanese traditional style. Also you can have green tea that makes you relax and feel the moment over the green therapeutic view.

bamboo forest
bamboo forest

Sho-nan Beach

Have you heared the name of ‘Sho-nan’? Kanagawa beach area it is called Sho-nan is also an icon for young Japanese people. People love the area, popular as the location for ‘Slum dunk’ basketball manga

based on real story. in Spring and summer you can try clam digging experience in the beach. In summer there is extra ordinary crowded with people enjoying beach over bbq and drinking.

There is surfers during all season cause Kamakura is a good surfing spot.

The shore is humid and good climate in the pacific ocean, totally different from California beaches like you feel warm water. Please try taste fresh seafood and sashimi there. there are tasty Japanese food you will enjoy local fish and seafoods.


It is awesome to stay there, visit there, or live there in Kamakura. You can find easily how therapeutic and beautiful the small town is. It is popular to live there for beach lovers, and who loves nature.

It is a kind of slower and friendly town next to Tokyo. Fun to eat, so comfortable to hang out.

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