Kouri oohashi (bridge) and Kouri jima (island)

We would like to introduce one of the most beautiful place, Kouri jima (island) and Kouri oohashi (bridge) in north west part of Okinawa island. They are well known as scenic view.

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a stunning view of ocean from Kouri ohashi (bridge)

Beautiful ocean and Kouri oohashi (bridge)

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Kouri jima is located in northern west part of Okinawa island. It is a small island of 8km around. About ten minutes to go around Koryu Island by car. Kouri oohashi is a big bridge which connect Yagaji jima (island), Nago city and and Kouri jima (island), Nakijin village. The length of it is 1,960m.
It is the longest in Japan among bridges with no charge. You can walk there too. There are free parking spaces on both sides of the bridge. The sea of Haneji naikai which expands under the bridge is shining brightly is very beautiful. It feels like you are running on the sea. Since the bridge opened on February 8th,2005., many tourists and local people come to the island. It is convenient that you don’t have to use ferry and can go there by your car.

How to go to Kouri oohashi(bridge) and Kouri jima (island)

It is approximately 85 kilometers from Naha Airport and it takes 1 hour and 30min by using Okinawa Expressway. It takes 90 minutes from Tomigusuku・Nakachi IC which is the nearest IC to the airport to Kyoda IC at the northern end. The high-speed fare is 950 yen. Then take route 58 to north to go to Kouri jima (island) for about 30 minites.

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What you can do at Kouri oohashi (bridge)and Kouri jima(island)

Sea Urchin Bowl Rice

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Kouri jima (island) is known for the location of movies and commercials. There are Okinawan old style houses with red roofs. Agriculture and fishing are main industries. You can see sugarcane fields expands in vast area
Kouri jima was called “Kuijima(恋島)”. ‘Kui’ is same as ‘Koi’(恋)in modern Japanese, so it means ‘love island’ . For the reason it is famous place for couples to visit.

(1)Food, shopping
. One of the sea urchin called ‘Shirahigeuni’ is a special product of the island. So there are many shops selling sea urchin bowl rice (ウニ丼)here. Sea grape bowl rice (海ぶどう丼)is also recommneded.
You can do shopping at Kouri island product center and Kouri Island Friendship square . It sells variety of local products and souvenirs. There are facilities such as dining halls, toilets, shower and so on. Parking lot is provided as well.

(2) beaches of Kouri island
There is a beautiful beach with fine sand at the base of the bridge on Kouri Island. There are three beaches called Kouri beach (古宇利ビーチ)、Tiinu beach (ティーヌ浜)、and Tokeihama (トケイ浜). Kouri beach is the most popular as there are facilities as toilets and showers, and nearest from the bridge. You can also rent a swimming tube or underwater masks (for a fee).When you swim be careful that currents and tides around here get very quick and strong sometimes and you may get caught. You can just look at the ocean and take a walk and it is also recommended fun to collect corals and seashells.
The swimming season is from April until early October, but some people go swimming in the winter.

★Rental Beach supplies
Umbrella 1000 yen, summer bed 1000 yen, summer chair 500 yen, swimming tube (medium) 500 yen · (small) 300 yen. ※ Rates may change.

Tiinu beach is famous for heart rock. Many couples visit here. Tokeihama is also a beautiful beach. It is located on the north side of Kouri Island. It is recommended that there are few people and you can relax.

(4)Kouri Ocean Tower
Kouri Ocean Tower has opened in November 2013. The height of the building is 82 meters above sea level and on sunny days you can see Iheya island, Oogimi villedge and Kunigami villedge from the top. From the parking lot to the observation platform, you can take the automatic moving cart
In the tower there is shell museum. Over 10,000 shells from all over the world is exhibited. There is also coral exhibition corner. You can also learn history of the island at Kouri Islands Archives Museum.

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Traffic restriction

Sea Grape Bowl Rice

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Kouri jima is also famous for holding sports events such as Kouri Island Premier EKIDEN and Kouri island Magic Hour RUN.When marathon race are held here there are traffic restrictions.
‘Kouri Island Magic Hour RUN’ is held in the middle April every year and the restriction time is from 15: 00 to 18: 00.

Please take your time at the one of the most beautiful island and the ocean in Okinawa.

あなたの応援をいつも心から感謝していますm(_ _)m