Let’s enjoy the Kaiten- zushi together with famous places in Kyoto


  1. Gurume Kaiten-Zushi Shibasaki

  2. Kaiten-Zushi Sushi Maru

  3. Muten Kura-Zushi

  4. Summary

When you travel to Kyoto, one of the most excellent cities in Japan, you would feel like eating sushi, Japanese traditional food. But there are so many sushi restaurants in that historic town, and the prices of sushi they serve are whole gamut. But don’t worry! The sushi shops called Kaiten-zushi provide us inexpensive sushi. So I’ll introduce you some kaiten-zushi shops near the notable places in Kyoto so that you can save your time and money.

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1. Gurume Kaiten-Zushi Shibasaki


Selected ingredients

This sushi bar is at the foot of Kiyomizu-dera Temple, where is in the east of Kyoto. You can enjoy sushi on the first and second floor, and also you can eat Soba, tradition Japanese noodle dish on the third floor. The foods are genuine bought from Awaji island and so on. And the prices of the sushi are various from 120 to 1,500 yen. Also, you will be relieved by seeing the staffs can speak English or Chinese there.


You can view the Japanese traditional art objects

After having sushi, you can enjoy appreciating Japanese traditional art objects like pottery, lacquer ware, gold lacquer and so on. The works displayed there include the art object made by Rosanjin Kitaoji and Kokuta Suda, and they create an atmosphere like art museum in that room, so this sushi restaurant attracts many foreigners not only by its dish.

Refer to this site: http://www.kyoto-shibazaki.com/index.html


Restaurant name: Gurume Kaiten-Zushi Shibasaki
Business hours: from 11:00 am to 21:00 pm (Last Order is accepted until 20:30 pm)
Telephone number: 075-525-3600
Official site: http://www.kyoto-shibazaki.com/

Refer to this site: http://www.kyoto-shibazaki.com/access/index.html

It takes 10 minutes to walk from Kiyomizu-dera Temple.


2. Kaiten-zushi Sushi Maru

Refer to this site: http://smz2000.exblog.jp/18672376


A cozy restaurant near Sanjusangen-dou hall

When you go to Sanjusangen-dou hall, where you are surprised by seeing a thousand Buddhist statues, how about eating sushi at Kaiten-zushi Sushi-Maru? After 10 minutes walking from the building, you will see a cozy restaurant in the midst of shopping street. The restaurant’s prices of sushi are reasonable, from about 100 to 800 yen, and you can enjoy eggplant sushi that is particular to Kyoto in the restaurant. Especially, Aburi-Zanmai, which includes three toppings of eel, salmon and scallop, is recommended for you.


Restaurant name: Kaiten-zushi Sushi-Maru.
Business hours: from 10:00 am to 20:30 pm.
Telephone number: 075-561-5340
Official site: http://susi-maru.co.jp/index.html

Refer to this site: http://tabelog.com/kyoto/A2601/A260304/26019230/dtlrvwlst/

It takes 10 minutes to walk from Sanjusangen-dou hall.

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3. Muten Kura-Zushi


The most reasonable sushi shop

Kinkaku-ji Temple, the building covered with gold foils, is one of the most famous places in the world, and there is also the most inexpensive kaiten-zushi restaurant in Japan in the neighborhood of such golden structure. All of its sushi dishes are about 100 yen, and there are so many side dishes such as udon, Japanese popular noodle cuisine.

Healthful consideration

When you come in this restaurant, you will see all dishes are covered by plastic domes. This dome is called “Sendo-Kun,” which keeps fish’s freshness and prevents dust from covering sushi. Additionally, in Kura-Zushi, four artificial additives (artificial sweeteners, chemical seasonings, artificial colorants and food preservatives) are not used for their dishes. So you can have sushi safely.

Refrer to this site: http://epark.jp/detail/wait/238



Restaurant name: Muten Kura-zushi Kinkakuji-ten.
Business hours: 11:00 am to 24:00 pm on Monday to Friday, and 10:20 am to 24:00 pm on Saturday, Sunday and national holiday.
Telephone number: 075-466-6101
Official site: http://www.kura-corpo.co.jp/index.php

Refer to this site: http://www.kura-corpo.co.jp/store/list/Store.prefecture_id:26

It takes 10 minutes to walk from Kinkaku-ji Temple.


Kaiten-zushi restaurants enable us to enjoy traditional fish-and-rice food by providing it low cost. And Kyoto, the city surrounded by conventional, is suitable place to have the dish. When you travel to Kyoto, how about you enjoying kaiten-zushi restaurant on the way to your destination of tourist spots?

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