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  2. Let’s enjoy the Tokyo National Museum.

Let’s enjoy the Tokyo National Museum.

 2016/05/13 Tokyo   50 Views

How are you?
Today I would like to introduce the Tokyo National Museum in Ueno Park in Tokyo.
Ueno is a tourist destination of recommended because good access from the Narita Airport.

tokyo national museum
Refer to this site: https://www.flickr.com/

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1. About Tokyo National Museum.

2. Access and Price

3. Summary

1. About Tokyo National Museum.

“Tokyo National Museum” was built in 1872. 1872, will also be in front of that 144 years from now. The building itself endured in the Second World War and the Great Kanto Earthquake will say that part of the history. This time, approaching the charm of such “Tokyo National Museum”!

“Tokyo National Museum” is the oldest museum in Japan, it has also been included in many of those of national treasure art that you own.

“Tokyo National Museum,” is said to be a museum, which is most worthy to be very see because it is exhibition also valuable works of art of each country not only Japan of art by the schedule of the year.

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2. Access and Price

tokyo museum map
Refer to this site: http://www.tnm.jp/

Access Overview

[Location] Yubinbango110-8712 Taito-ku, Tokyo Ueno Park 13-9
[TEL] 03-3822-1111
[Directions] JR Ueno Station park opening, or Uguisudani Station south exit and get off at a 10-minute walk
[Hours] 9:30 to 17:00 (admission 16:30)
[Admission] General 620 yen, university student 410 yen. However, apart from the fee special exhibition.
[Closed day] Monday (Monday closed the next day if Monday is a national holiday), year-end and New Year holidays

By train

JR Line) 10 minutes from Ueno or Uguisudani Station
(Ginza or Hibiya Tokyo Metro Line) 15 minutes from Ueno Station
(Chiyoda Tokyo Metro Line) 15 minutes from Nezu Station
(Keisei Line) 15 minutes from Keisei Ueno Station
By car

5 mins from Ueno Exit, off the Shuto Expressway Ueno Route.

Please use the “Tokyo National Museum” is because there is no parking near the parking lot below.
– Times Ueno Station Park Exit Tel. 0120-77-8924 24 hours
– Ueno Park Parking No. 1 (Ueno Station Park Exit) Tel. 03-3821-0755 09:00-21:30
– Ueno Park Parking No. 2 (for buses) (Ueno Station Park Exit) Tel. 03-3821-0755 09:00-21:30
– Ueno Parking Center Tel. 03-3833-8151 24 hours
– Keisei Ueno Station Parking (Keisei Ueno Station) Tel. 03-3834-5708 06:00-22:00
– Ueno Chuo-dori Underground Parking (enter from northbound lane of Chuo-dori) Tel. 03-5812-3695 24 hours
– TIXTOWER UENO Parking Tel. 03-3842-5677 08:00-22:00
(closed on Saturday, Sunday, National holiday)
Admission fee

Adults: 620 (520) yen
University Students: 410 (310) yen
High/Junior High/Elementary School Students and persons under 18 and over 70: Free

*Please Note
  •  ( ) indicate prices for those in groups of 20 or more.
  •  Special exhibitions require a separate admission fee.

3. Summary

What did you think?
Please try to go by all means to the Tokyo National Museum, which boasts the exhibit number of the leading art in Japan.

See you!

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