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  2. Let’s go to Ashikaga Flower Park!!!

Let’s go to Ashikaga Flower Park!!!

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Hello how are you?
Today I would like to introduce a wonderful spot that Ashikaga Flower Park in Tochigi Prefecture.

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Refer to this site : http://www.ashikaga.co.jp/index.html


1.What is Ashikaga Flower Park?

2.Access and Price.


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1.What is Ashikaga Flower Park?

Opened in 1968 in Tochigi Prefecture Ashikaga dug-down the town as a “Hayakawa farm”. It has been loved as since “250 tatami OFUJI,” but, relocated to Ashikaga Between the town in 1997 to the current order of urban development was opened as a “Ashikaga Flower Park”.

Ofuji this 4 tunnel of Shirafuji ranging in the 80m is designated as a Tochigi Prefecture natural monument, of mid-May from mid-April they greet in full bloom 1 months will be held the “Hana Fujino story Ofuji festival “.

Also Ashikaga Flower Park has been selected only in Japan in cnn choose “travel destination best 10 of the world’s dream.”

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2.Access and Price.

By car

Tohoku Expressway
◎  Fujioka Sano IC, National Highway No. 50 Maebashi Ashikaga towards progress (about 18 minutes)
[Northern Kanto region from the motorway] ◎  Ota Kiryu IC, via No. 122 national highway, National Highway No. 50 Ashikaga Koyama towards progress (about 20 minutes)
◎  Ashikaga IC, via National highway No. 293, prefectural road 67 No. Sano towards progress (about 15 minutes)
◎  Tanuma Sano IC, via prefectural road No. 16, County Road 67 No. Ashikaga towards progress (about 12 minutes)

There is also free parking.

By train

Please use the JR Ryomo “Tomita” station.
◎ customers of Tobu Isesaki available please Ryomo available than to change to the JR Tohoku Line Oyama Station in Kuki Station.
◎ Koyama transfer at JR Tohoku Line from JR Ueno Station.

From Tomita Station to Ashikaga Flower Park is about 13 minutes’ walk.

More detail information is here.

Price (April 16 to May 22, 2016)

Daytime (7:00~17:30) Adult : 900~1700JPY, Child : 500~800JPY

Night (17:30~21:00) Adult : 600~1400JPY, Child : 300~700JPY

*Business Hours and admission fees for this park will change by flowering situation of the flower.
Please check this site in advance.



What did you think?
Please be when it came to Japan to go by all means because the scenery of this park is a superb view that can not be seen easily in the world.

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