Livable city Rankings in Japan 2015 Top 50, No1 is Inzai city, Chiba Prefecture.

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This is an introduction because had been announced ” livable city ranking 2015 ” this year .

This ranking is what has been voted five of the viewpoint of “Security level”, 

” convenience degree “, ” Comfort “, ” wealth level” ” dwelling level adequacy ” .

This article from ” livable city ranking 2015 “

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  1. Top five city from livable city ranking 2015 .

  2. Compare from ranking 2013

  3. Summary

” livable city ranking 2015 ” , based on the official statistics , the ” city power” with each of the city is classified “safety level” , ” convenience degree ” , ” Comfort ” , ” wealth level” , ” dwelling level adequacy “, for adoption 15 index , calculates the deviation value for each average value of 50 , which was ranked the simple average as a comprehensive evaluation.

This ranking is that right across the country 790 City and has 791 cities of the entire Tokyo wards have been the subject .

In Chiba Prefecture Inzai City became the first place , it seems to have won the first place for the fourth consecutive year .

The top 5 is as follows .

No.1 Inzai city, Chiba Prefecture 

No.2 Nagakute city, Aichi Prefecture

No.3 Nomi city, Ishikawa Prefecture

No.4 Natori city, Miyagi Prefecture

No.5 Sakai city, Fukui Prefecture

The overall impression , Ishikawa Prefecture , Fukui Prefecture ,Toyama Prefecture, there seems to be the Hokuriku region is much popular than other region.

When put in the center of Tokyo where even it comes to local city , as around the city , safety , convenience, comfortable, considering such things, it will become that very livable .

2.Compare with ranking 2013

Ranking of 2013 is also the first place was writing an article called , Chiba Prefecture Inzai city, but the top three at the time is as follows .

No.1 Inzai city, Chiba Prefecture 

No.2 Nonoichi city, Ishikawa Prefecture

No3 Moriya city, Ibaraki Prefecture

In 2015 , Chiba Prefecture Inzai city will continue to first place but , Ishikawa Prefecture Nonoichi position 6 , Ibaraki Prefecture Moriya is 10 place . So they remain at the top position .


What did you think ?

I think that it is a good opportunity to know the goodness of Japan in the city of non- tourist destination .

See you!

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