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Living with a dog let you live longer




Do you like a dog?

Dogs give us a lot of joy, and make us feel happy when we are with them.

Dogs’ ability to heal people is applied to dog therapy, which proves that we can be positive, happy, cheered up, and so on.





Interestingly, this is scientifically proven by researchers in Sweden.

It reveals that people who live with a dog have lower mortality late!




Researchers in Sweden conducted a research with 3.4 millions of people whose age is between 40 and 80, and who live alone.

Using vast amount of the data about the number of times that people went to a hospital and the record of the people who lived with dogs, which the Swedish government stores from 2001 to 2012, they examined the relation between the mortality of Swedish people and having a dog.


The result is clear.

The mortality of the people with a dog is 33% lower than those without a dog.

In addition, the former has 36% lower risk of heart diseases, and 11% lower risk of heart attack.

The result of the examination on a member of a family with a dog also indicates a similar tendency of that on the single people.





Mwenya Mubanga, a leading researcher of the research, says that the result is interesting because it shows that the risk of heart-related diseases declines if people living alone live with a dog.


Moreover, those who own terriers, retrievers and hounds, which were originally kept for hunting, has the lowest mortality rate.

However, the reason remains to be explained.


It may be a factor that people with a dog exercise more than those without a dog, or the former has more social connection that the latter.

Or, do bacteria on a dog’s body help people to improve immunity?

Anyway, without reason, it’s true that dogs heal us!


For those who want to know more about the result, let’s visit the site “Little Things”!

There, a writer Caralynn Lippo, who loves a dog from his heart, summarizes the article about it (the article is published on the journal “Scientific Reports”)!


I hope you feel happier with a dog!






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