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local specialty products in Tokyo


  1. Monjya-yaki
2. Fukagawa-meshi

3. Dojo-nabe

4. Chanko-nabe

5. Summary

I will tell you some delicious local special products in Tokyo.  Why don’t you try if you come to Tokyo.

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Monja-yaki is made with a flour-based batter topped with shredded cabbage and other ingredients and cooked on a griddle. The 60 or so eateries lining Tsukishima Monja Street serve everything from seafood to ethnic-inspired monja-yaki.


Fukagawa-meshi is a bowl of rice topped with a miso-based stew of Japanese little neck clams and chopped leeks. The dish originated as a kind of fast food for fishermen working busily in the Fukagawa area near the mouth of the Sumida-gawa River, where clam gathering boomed in the Edo period.



Dojo-nabe is a shallow pot dish lined with dojo loaches and cooked in soy sauce-flavored warishita broth, served with chopped leeks to add as desired. Yanagawa-nabe is also a shallow pot dish lined with loaches but cooked with shaved gobo burdock and beaten eggs.

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Chanko-nabe is a hot pot made with chicken and seasonal vegetables. The large pot dish originally cooked for sumo wrestlers—each stable has its own distinct recipe—eventually came to gain wide popularity among the general public.



There many local specialty products in Tokyo.  Besides above, people in Tokyo also love eating Sushi. Sushi has grown into a popular cuisine the world over. From nigiri-zushi, or bite-sized balls of vinegar-flavored rice topped with pieces of fresh seasonal seafood, to chirashi-zushi, or a plate of this rice covered with a variety of ingredients, the eye-pleasing sushi is a tradition of Japan with universal appeal.roiled eel, and some kinds of Japanese noodles.

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