Make a healthy boxed lunch and try dieting!

Some of you might be unsatisfied with a boxed lunch with low calories, because you cannot be full.

Here, I’m gonna introduce how Japanese women satisfy themselves with a healthy boxed lunch (around 500kcal)which makes them feel you’re full up, when you are in a period of dieting!

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① Choose low-fat meat

For instance, chicken breast fillets and lean ground meat are perfect to choose. It’s also a good idea to remove fat and skin from meat, before cooking.

② Use various healthy foods for a hearty lunch

Making a boxed lunch with various healthy foods is a good way to increase the volume of your lunch, which likely makes you feel better. For example, a hamburger with Tofu mixed with ground meat decreases the usage amount of meat and its calorie. Salad rolled in meat is also ideal to increase the amount you eat.


③ Using less seasoning

The more you use seasoning, the more calories you take from what you eat. Thus, you have to be careful not to use it too much when preparing a boxed lunch. Try to enjoy the natural taste of foods.


④ Cut foods in various shapes

Cutting foods in various shapes promotes you to chew more. It’s commonly known that you become full earlier if you chew more.


⑤ Use less oil

Absolutely you have to do it. A gram of oil is approximately nine kcal, thus you had better steam or boil foods. If you wanna fry them, please cook with a small amount of oil.


⑥ Caloric regulation of a boxed lunch should be done by the amount of rice

It’s one of the easiest way to think about caloric regulation of your boxed lunch. In case of the lunch with approximately 500kcal, put about 150g of rice in it. If you prefer bread, 80g of bread is equivalent to 500kcal. Thus, I recommend to choose rice for your lunch.


⑦ Prepare foods with various tastes

Here, you don’t need to think about a theme of the lunch (ex; Japanese lunch, Chinese lunch). I mean it’s nice to put various foods, which makes you feel happy to eat and satisfied. Imagine, if there are many foods which have a similar taste. I’m sure you wanted to eat something which has different tastes. Eating foods with various tastes doesn’t let you be fed up with what you are eating.


⑧ Use a shallow lunch box

For a boxed lunch with about 500kcal, use a lunch box with the volume of 400-450ml.

A shallow one looks big and you may feel more satisfied when you put foods in it.


How was it?

Let’s try to prepare a healthy boxed lunch, as some Japanese women do!

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