Never miss the masterpieces of Japanese movie!



2. “Battle Royale”

3. “Seven Samurai”

4. Summary

Have you ever watched Japanese movies? You may think the country as just a creator of anime, but the land of Samurai has made a lot of great movies which have acquire praises from all over the world. Moreover, you will know Japan better by watching such movies, and will have more interests in the country. So I will introduce you three best masterpieces of Japanese movie what you certainly like.

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Delicate description expresses director’s perspective

Takeshi Kitano, one of the most famous movie directors in the world, produced the “HANABI” in 1997. The movie was honored with the great prize at the Venice International Film Festival. Kitano describes his view of life and death through the contrast between “dynamic and static,” which is seen in the scenes like the silence immediately after the violence. Besides, the beauty, such as the livid pale of the snow illuminated by the moon light or the greenish tone of the station premise, is highlight.



The detective Onishi has devoted his life for his work, and he has a wife who has an incurable illness. One day, the man who is a friend and colleague of Onishi is shot in order to save Onishi in case of arresting a criminal. Onishi has nothing to say to his friend who gets the paralysis of one side of the body and loses his wife, child and work after the accident. Onishi is driven to bank robbing due to the indescribable feelings to the various people, but he…


Battle Royale

A controversial work aroused criticisms

The movie was released in 2002. The catch phrase was “Hey, have you ever killed your friends?” As you can expect from the catch phrase, the story is that the students of a class are made to kill each other, and the content is so shocking that there were arguments both for and against it. But the effects that this movie influenced are incalculable. In the middle of 2000s, many movies or novels, in which people fight with each other until there is only one for their each purpose, came into fashion, and the boom was because of the influence of this “Battle Royale.”



Great depression attacked Japan, and there are numerous unemployed people all over the country: on the other hand, many children refuse to go to school, and juvenile crimes increase. In such a situation, the anger of adults towards children explodes. Under such public opinion, the authorities issue the BR Law, the Education Reform of New Century Law in order to train the strong children with viability and to reinstate the adults. The BR Law makes the students of a class of third junior high school, which is selected randomly from all over the country, battle with each other until the last one survives…

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Seven Samurai

The masterpiece of virtuoso who Japan boasts to the world

Akira Kurosawa, the most influential detector called “Sekai no Kurosawa”, shot “Seven Samurai” in 1954, and this movie is well-known for Kurosawa’s masterpiece. In this magnificent action movie, the picture of seven samurais, hired by peasants who are assaulted by wandering samurai, is described. This movie is monumental because it has tremendously influenced the horse opera movie or action movie after this work. Kurosawa says he put together various excellent points in this movie, and there are elements of action, humanity, romance, artifice and laughter in the “Seven Samurai”.



In the Age of Civil Wars, poor farmers in a rural village are suffered by burglar. They have no chance of winning, but they would starve to death if they are robbed of their crops by them. So the farmers decide to hire samurai in order to protect their village and themselves. Before long, they find seven unemployed men, and they all stand up against wandering samurais…



There are so many Japanese movies, but I have a confidence you will like these three movies I introduced; actually, these are popular for foreigners. Let’s have fun to watch Japanese masterpieces with beer and popcorn this weekend!

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