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  2. New Flavor for Japanese Famous “Super Cup Ice Cream” is Now Available!

New Flavor for Japanese Famous “Super Cup Ice Cream” is Now Available!

Have you ever try Essel Super Cup Ice Cream?

Super Cup Ice Cream is one of the most famous and popular ice creams you could purchase in convenience stores and supermarkets in Japan.

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 Sweet’s Strawberry Shortcake



Refer to this site: https://mdpr.jp/gourmet/detail/1645109



The new Flavor from Super Cup series is “Sweet’s Strawberry Shortcake”.



The concept of this new Sweet’s Strawberry Shortcake is different than the all the other flavors they produced before because it made from layers of Ice creams and it tastes not just like ice cream! It tastes almost like sweets or deserts but still could taste ice cream too!



This new flavor ice cream will be on sale on December 19!!




Layer Structured New Style Super Cup Ice Cream!



Refer to this site: http://news.mynavi.jp/news/2016/12/12/176/


It consists of four different layers!



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2 About Essel Super Cup Ice Cream



Refer to this site: http://biz-journal.jp/2016/08/post_16276.html



Meiji Co., Ltd. is name of Japanese company that produced Essel Super Cup Ice Cream. In 1994, the first Essel Super Cup Ice Cream released in Japan and loved by consumers as standard cup ice cream since then.


Essel is a coinage word of “Excellent” and “Essential”.


Excellent represents the high quality taste of Super Cup Ice Cream.


Essential represents that Super Cup Ice Cream is always easy to purchase for everyone like for more democratic.


3 Various kinds of flavors


Refer to this site: http://ameblo.jp/hirohirohiro820/entry-12006861616.html


Meiji Co., Ltd. produced various kinds of flavors of Essel Super Cup Ice Cream other than Sweet’s Strawberry Shortcake!!




Super Vanilla

Chocolate & Cookies

Green Tea

Cookies & Vanilla

Chocolate & Mint

Banana & Chocolate

Caramel & Chocolate

Maple & Cookies


Red Beans

Chinese Style Almond jelly

Mandarin Orange & Yogurt


Fruits Mix


Strawberry & Chocolate










Some of the flavors are season limited but you could still get some of those flavors above in stores as well.



Refer to this site: https://entabe.jp/news/gourmet/14681/meiji-super-cup-strawberry-short-cake


You could enjoy this new “Sweet’s Strawberry Shortcake” flavor only in Japan!!! If you like sweets and cakes, this is what you need to try!!

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