Why don’t you be a night owl and enjoy the music and drinks with the locals? The parties, DJs, lounges, clubs are all around the Tokyo. Here are the hottest clubs and bars that you must go when you visit Tokyo. Remarkable Tokyo nightlife names dish on the EDM parties you will never want to miss, door-people show you how to join if you want to be one of the party people, come and let us fill you in on the trendy DJ mixes available for you to relax and have funky dancing nights in Tokyo. The best clubs in Tokyo include New Lex, V2, T2, Atom, and the most iconic club, AgeHa.


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Located at Roppongi, the dance floor and music venue fully embraces the hottest mania for local people. Here is the most popular spot among the foreigners that we’re sure is here to stay. New Lex opened its doors a few decades ago. The club invites famous DJs and artists from the world and turns into a American party palace at night, with EDM and all-mix party jams.


It’s a fabulous place to kill a few hours with a big, rowdy group: You can enjoy some drinks and dance in the crowd. V2 main hall features a circle dance floor, decorated with a big shining ball. Since it is located at the 13th floor of Roi building in Roppongi, sitting in the club, you will see the Tokyo Tower and a beautiful night view of Minato area. The sofa are the most luxurious club seating I’ve ever seen.

DJ yasaka, DJ HIDE, and DJ BUSTA-ROW are all music veterans behind the V2 venue, which focuses on “music, sound and supreme.” Countless celebrities such as Justin Bieber, One Direction, Afrojack, Neymar etc. love to chill at V2. As the hottest club in Roppongi, there is always a long queue outside the building. The entry for ladies is always free, except some special days. It is also a restaurant offering Japanese cuisine as well as European cuisine. 7 private rooms are available with karaoke system.


Atom is the hottest club in Shibuya area. It targets the young generation, and become the most trendy club among the young adults in Tokyo. Since many party animals in Atom are students, you will find many stylish, fashionable and young guys in this club.

Atom’s main room features an huge dance floor and great audio sound system, while the first floor serves as a lounge. The hall bar decorated with white evokes a stylish and trendy place. Three zones can be found in this club, including cave, hall and loft. Women only seats are available in both areas. The powder room in the cave area is especially for ladies.


For a fascinating night, head to T2 for music and alchol. T2 is known as another must-go club in Shibuya with over thousand people in capacity. Same as Atom, it is popular among young adults in Tokyo. Located at the center of center street, it is opposite to the mega store of ZARA. It mainly focuses on EDM, with All Mix genre. There are two Mcdonald’s restaurants near T2, and are must-go places for breakfast after clubbing.


Ageha is the biggest club in Japan, with a private swimming pool and several bars.

The four dance floors include Arena, Island, Water and Box. The huge arena, with a capacity of 2400 people, becomes the symbol of AGEHA. Located in the bay area, AGEHA offers some chill-out spaces such as the beach area. You will have no regret to spend your summer time here.  Located in Shinkiba, it takes 10 minutes from Tokyo Station. You can take a train from shibuya for 30 minutes. A free shuttle bus from Shibuya is available, taking you 20 minutes to the venue.


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La Terrazza Lounge

Operated by Bvlgari hotel groups, it is the most gorgeous bar in Tokyo. It is a cafe bar in the Bvlgari building in Ginza. Located in the most luxurious area in Tokyo, you can enjoy the wide view of both Tokyo Tower and Sky Tree. The lounge offers Champagne in a wide range. The stylish terrace creates a relaxed but luxurious atmosphere. It is the best place to relax after going shopping crazily in Ginza.

Refer to this site: http://photoryoku.com/ryouri-satuei/post-5014/


The Bar

Just next to Daikanyama station, it is a bar lounge. Under the resort atmosphere,the water flow in the terrace can help forget all the messy stuff. It opens from lunch time to mid night.

Foreign singers will perform live during the bar time. Delightful wine and delicious pizza are offered in the bar. You can even order sushi there, enjoying sushi, cocktails and Japanese Sake at the same time.

Refer to this site: http://www.xexgroup.jp/en/daikanyama/bar


Penguin Bar Ikebukuro

It is the only bar in Tokyo where you can drink with cute penguins.  The active and lively penguins will definitely make you smile. It is located in Ikebukuro, a hip area for shopping and dining. The bar offers various grilled food and drinks while gin and lime are the signature drinks of this bar. It is a unique and fun experinece to see the penguins walking around and swimming in the pool while you are drinking.



Waitress in white tank top and orange hot pants is the remarkable icon of Hooters. Known as a casual beach-themed bar, Hooters operates four bars in Akasaka, Ginza, Shibuya and Shinjuku. The Shibuya one is next to the Uniqlo store and Shibuya 109,and it only takes five minutes walk from the station. Buffalo platter and burger are the signature dishes of Hooters. Though hooters can be found in the other parts of the world,  the Japanese Hooters girls provide memorable customer experience.


As a foreigner living in Tokyo, the clubs and bars mentioned above are my favourite place to chill out. The best clubs in Tokyo include New Lex, V2, T2, Atom, and the most iconic club, AgeHa. The best bars in Tokyo include La Terrazza Lounge (Bvlgari), The Bar, Benguin Bar in Ikebukuro and the hottest bars with the hottest girls, Hooters Tokyo. All bars and clubs introduced are in the downtown of Tokyo so it is easy to get there. To me, the most favourite place is Penguin bar. The penguins there always make me happy and relaxed. 

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