Specialty products in Nagoya


  1. Miso-katsu
2. Tebasaki

3. Hitsumabushi

4. Miso Nikomi Udon

5. Summary

I will tell you some local specialty products in Nagoya.

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Nagoya is famous for it’s Miso-katsu which differs from the traditional “Ton-katsu” as the sauce is sweet and miso based. Pork is used and fried in breadcrumbs, finally dipped in hot miso sauce and served with shredded cabbage and rice. You can crush up some sesame seeds to sprinkle on top and this is one of the finest dishes in Japan.



Nagoya has traditionally been famous for its chicken and ‘Tebasaki’ is marinated fried chicken wings. Absolutely delicious….washed down with an ice cold beer and there’s very little else can beat it!

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Marinated and barbecued eel, cut into small pieces and served on a bowl of hot rice…. a wonderful dish anytime of the year. Eel is thought to have energetic properties so in the heat of the Japanese summer, people flock to eat eel for the stamina to get them through a summers work schedule. A wonderful flavor and a totally original dish..it must be tried.


Miso Nikomi Udon

A rich deep and flavoursome miso broth is cook for hours adding a depth that cannot be created at home. Add to that homemade udon noodles, green onion, chicken and maybe a large ebi fry and this is a wonderful and very “Nagoya-style” dish. As I mentioned before, people of Nagoya love Miso and are proud of the red miso soup and sauces as opposed to the white miso used more in the Kansai region.



There are many local specialty products in Nagoya.  You can’t miss to visit Nagoya.

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