Taxi in Tokyo

Taxi in Tokyo

UBER experience

When I traveled the U.S., I was very surprised to know “UBER.”  It hit me like a thunderbolt.

What is UBER?

I was wondering about it and after knowing and downloading the UBER app, I was surprised again.

This app was pretty confortable to use and a fare was cheaper than other taxicabs.

During the trip, I was addicted to UBER.

A lot of my friends told me that Taxi in other countries are very dangerous and you should be careful.

But UBER solved this problem. (I understand that there are some news saying that some UBER drivers have committed crime to UBER users. But I think the number of such crimes are relatively small compared to other cab’s  crime.)

Especially, for English learners, it would be great to have a time with UBER drivers because all we can do is to talk with each other.

This helps me speak English very much.

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UBER in Tokyo

So, I have a pretty good feeling to UBER and UBER drivers.  Moreover, I was convinced of the UBER’s success in Tokyo someday.


It is good news for foreign travelers that you guys can use UBER in Tokyo!!

I am sure of you already installing UBER app and you can use this app even in Tokyo.

Unfortunately, you can’t use UBER in other places but in Tokyo.


But, wait.

Everyone living in other countries wanted UBER  because taxicab’s fare was unclear and it doesn’t seem to be safe.  

On the other hand, Tokyo is one of the safest cities in the world.

So, how is the presence of UBER in Tokyo?

The writer, not Japanese,  of this blog reporting the UBER experience in Tokyo seems to live in Tokyo.

This says that a UBER driver can communicate in English and their service is good.

But the fare is a little expensive than other taxi.


In Tokyo, I have been using taxi after hanging out with friend. There are a lot of taxi and no difficulty in finding proper taxi in the road. You can find taxi within 1 to 2 minutes even at 3 AM!!!


This is amazing and generally these cabs are very safe.


These Japanese taxi companies are introducing their new app which enable us to use their taxicab like UBER.




This app is great because the cabs registered in this app was estimated to over 11.000 cars!!

All you have to do is to download and enter some information about you.

It’s like an UBER experience. The main difference between UBER and this app is the way to pay a fare; you need to pay by cash or a  credit card before you get off the taxicab.

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Line also launch this kind of app



Line, very popular social networking service also launch this service, collaborating with big Japanese taxi company.

If you have already downloaded Line app, you don’t need to do more.

But this service requires us to have a Japanese ID and Japanese credit card.




Of course, Metro is the most clever way to move to one to another place because it’s cheap!

But your experience in Tokyo would be continuing in midnight, so you can use these app to go back to your hotel!

Enjoy Tokyo!
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