Ten recommendations for  lunch restaurants in Shibuya

Let’s enjoy lunch in Shibuya!


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There are various kinds of restaurants in Tokyo. Among them,here are ten hottest restaurants in Shibuya,where so many foreign tourists visit. These restaurants are also suitable for large number of people. You can enjoy not only delicious Japanese cuisines,but also the atmosphere of Japanese restaurants. Let’s enjoy lunch in Shibuya!

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1.Gonpachi (創作和食レストラン「権八」)

The name of the restaurant “Gonpachi” derives from the character of Kabuki,Japanese traditional culture. It is 8 minutes walk from Shibuya station.

This restaurant provides mainly skewers,hand-made soba,and fried chicken.

Its bright lighting and nice interior will make you feel relaxed.It accomodates 220 seats! You can eat at the private room or tatami room.


【address】E・Spacetower 14F,3-6 Maruyamacho,Shibuya,Tokyo,Japan

【opening hours】11:30~27:30 (last order:Food 27:00/Drink 27:00) lunch time 11:30~15:00 (open all year round)



2.Chinese restaurant Ippinko (一品香)

Ippinko is the chinese restaurant established 80 years ago, and serves mainly noodles such as  tantan noodle, yakisoba(fried noodles). It is 5 minutes walk from the west gate of JR Shibuya station. You will enjoy various kinds of chinese food. Among them, it is famous for “Hachiko source yakisoba”. The noodles are so filling. It accomodates 70 seats.

【address】Kawori building B1F, 30-3 Sakuragaokacho,Shibuya,Tokyo,Japan

【opening hours】11:30~23:00 (last order:21:30)  lunch time 11:30~15:00 (L.O. 14:30) dinner time 17:00~23:00 (L.O. 21:30)

【regular holiday】Sunday, National holiday


3.Miraflores Shibuya Sakuragaoka (ミラフローレス渋谷桜ヶ丘店)

This is a hideaway restaurant serving Peruvian cuisine, mainly meat dishes such as chicken, chorizo. It is 5 minutes walk from the west gate of JR Shibuya station. There are 34 seats. The capacity is not so many, but you can dine in a group of 7~8.

【address】Kowa building 1F, 28-3 Sakuragaokacho,Shibuya,Tokyo,Japan

【opening hours】11:30~23:00 (last order:22:00)  lunch time 11:30~15:00 (L.O. 14:30)  dinner time 18:00~23:00 (L.O. 22:00)

【regular holiday】 Monday



4.TORO‘S (トローズ)

It is 3 minutes walk from JR Shibuya station. This restaurant is a casual dining bar providing hamburg lunch. It’s very popular. The most remarkable point is that you can enjoy the combination as you like. It’s so nice topping with avocado or cheese, and you can order to have salad increase. Hamburg is so soft that we recommend your child to eat. The capacity is not so many,too. But you can dine in a group of 6~8.


【address】Sakura building 3F, 16-2 Sakuragaokacho,Shibuya,Tokyo,Japan

【opening hours】(Monday to Friday) 12:00~24:00  lunch time 12:00~15:00 dinner time 18:00~24:00/(Saturday) 18:00~24:00

【regular holiday】 Sunday, National holiday



5.Shibuya Gapao Shokudo (渋谷ガパオ食堂)

It is 4 minutes walk from JR Shibuya station. There is a Thai food restaurant in Sakuragaoka district. We recommend you their lunch set and massaman curry. The lunch set is filling. The number of the seat is 45, not so many. But you can dine in a group of 7~8 in the back. If you want to enjoy thai cuisines, it’s worth visiting.

【address】Shibuya coop 1F, 14-10 Sakuragaokacho,Shibuya,Tokyo,Japan

【opening hours】11:30~23:30 (L.O.22:30)  lunch time 11:30~15:00 (L.O.14:30) dinner time 18:00~23:30(Food L.O.22:30)

(open all year round)


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6.Izumizushi Sakuragaokaten (和泉鮨 桜ヶ丘店)

If you’d like to eat sushi, Izumizushi is a great choice. It is 3 minutes walk from the south exit of JR Shibuya station. Lunch menu is so reasonable. You will enjoy sushi lunch for 1000 yen or less. It accommodates 54 seats, and there are some private rooms, table seats up to 6.

【address】Hori building 1F, 15-3 Sakuragaokacho,Shibuya,Tokyo,Japan

【opening hours】11:30~3:00  11:30~14:00  16:00~3:00

(open all year round)



7.Ayung Teras (インドネシア料理店 アユンテラス)

If you are in the mood for Indnesian cuisines, Ayung Teras is one of the best choices. This restaurant is a house restaurant with good atmosphere. Enjoy a miscellaneous handmade Indonesian foods. Some of the most recommending menus are Sumatra style curry, Indonesian style grilled skewered chicken. There are 40 seats, so spacious.

【address】#102 Le cartier Sakuragaoka, 20-12 Sakuragaokacho,Shibuya,Tokyo,Japan

【opening hours】11:30~15:00  18:00~23:00

(open all year round except summer holidays and around New year’s day)



8.Toa hanten (東亜飯店)

Toa hanten is a Chinese restaurant having so many lunch menu choices. It is about 15 minutes walk from JR Shibuya station, near Shinsen station. You can eat Chinese food at reasonable price. Some of the most recommending menus are fried chicken,gyoza,ma-bo tofu. There are some round table, so it is possible to dine 8 or more people.

【address】Nosaka building B1F, 15-11Nanpeidaicho,Shibuya,Tokyo,Japan

【opening hours】[Monday to Friday]11:00~15:00  17:00~22:30 (L.O.21:50) [Saturday]11:00~14:00 17:00~21:00

【regular holiday】 Sunday, National holiday



9.Bel mare cafe(ベルマーレカフェ)

Bel mare cafe is a genuine Italian restaurant which is 2nd restaurant of Torattoria bel mare. It is 3 minutes from the west gate of JR Shibuya station. It’s spacious that can accommodate 90 people, so you can dine in a group of 8~10. We recommend you lunch menus, such as daily lunch, pasta,pizza,sandwiches.

【address】Bunka sogo center Oowada 1F, 23-21 Sakuragaokacho,Shibuya,Tokyo,Japan

【opening hours】[Monday to Friday]11:00~22:30/ [Saturday]11:00~22:00/ [Sunday,National holiday]11:00~21:00

【regular holiday】 around New year’s day



10.emma lounge(エマラウンジ)

Emma lounge is a Italian dining restaurant located near Shibuya Mark city. It is very cosy and relaxing with atmosphere. The capacity is 100 seats, so spacious. They serve lunch set such as curry and pasta. Enjoy foods in the antique mood !

【address】Social Dogenzaka 2F, 1-14-9 Dogenzaka,Shibuya,Tokyo,Japan

【opening hours】[Monday to Thursday]11:30~24:00/ [Friday,before National holiday]11:30~2:00/ [Sunday]15:00~2:00/[Sunday,National holiday] 15:00~23:00

(open all year round)




We selected ten restaurants among so many lunch restaurants in Shibuya. If you’d like to dine in a group, they will be useful.

In a business setting, or dining with your family or friends.

We hope you will enjoy a trip in Japan !

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