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  2. The advent of thicker ‘Green Tea’ which you can make with simply shaking and mixing water and powder tea

The advent of thicker ‘Green Tea’ which you can make with simply shaking and mixing water and powder tea

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Release of the new Green Tea

Green tea we called ‘Matcha’ with an original idea will go on sale soon by Ito-en. The innovative way of it is that you just mix and shake powdered tea which is stored in the cap of bottle with natural water right before drinking, so that you can enjoy drinking fresh and delicious Green Tea. It would cost 160 yen to access this product on 6th of June.

How do you drink?

‘Savoring authentic Green tea with only shaking’, this merchandise’s concept, has a unique method which you feel you drew Green tea by yourself. Since, to turn the cap at first, powder inside the cap automatically would blend with water. Then you only shake the bottle after closing the cap up again. This innovative beverage that is totally different from other tea sold on everywhere contributes consumers to directly take in nutrition containing of tea leaves due to mixing tea powder and natural water just before drinking.


At this time, Ito-en utilize high-grade tea leaves and increase the quantity of it, so it become much thicker and fresher than previous one. It dawns on you that it’s an authentic Green Tea, even though the way how to make it is amazingly easy.


Have you tried Green Tea or Matcha?

Unfortunately, that tea is quite expensive to drink in a formal environment like Kyoto. If you savor Japanese authentic tea cheaply and informally, please give it a go!

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