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  2. The majority of people praise highly for ‘Original Fami-Com’s software’ which will have been on sale this year

The majority of people praise highly for ‘Original Fami-Com’s software’ which will have been on sale this year

In 1983, the video game as a household appliance, called ‘Family Computer (Fami-Com)’ was released. The new software for this old hardware will astonishingly appear at shops on the middle of July.

Source: http://web.r25.jp/web/cnt/00/177/727/9a937c276cb2867153ff7be0c500cf49.jpg


This software, ‘Kra-kira Star Knight DX’, edited by a comic writer Mr. RIKI who previously produced ‘Kira-kira Star Knight’ you play as a jumping-action game for PC is upgraded. It’s quite simple game that a player only operates a character to acquire stars with jumping and to pass toward stages. Actually, this is for retro game hardware, so that it is sold as a cassette, not disk.


Mr. Riki has produced ‘8BIT MUSIC POWER’ which is recorded music album on tape for Fami-Com’s cassette on this January, and then this became much sought after cassette at that time.


On 23th of May, the promotional video of the ‘Kira-Kira Star Knight DX’ has been exhibited. In fact, it captured a lot of viewers’ eye, hence the number of views exceeded 140,000 within 4 days


On Twitter,

“Not really! The cassette for Fami-Com will be on sale on this year.”

“I want, I want it so much! It’s been long time no to sense this emotion which I’m so excited! Children, it’s a real game!’”

“Kira-Kira Star Knight DX, it’s cool! I look up to Fami-Com… It’s also cool ‘cos he made it for out of date on which people really like new one.”

There are many tweets to praise for new software for the old model.


“I reserved it instinctively… I haven’t expected to play with Fami-Com since 21th century”

“I reserved it immediately on Amazon.”

“I don’t think that new software will be on sale in 2016 and that I’ll buy it with the reservation… I want to play it, anyway!”

A plenty of reports that they make a reservation at once appear on the web, too.


We wait for the advent of new Fami-Com’s software, even time which it’ll go on sale has around 2 months.

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