The way to use craigslist Tokyo


1.Craigslist is good to use

2.Make sure to be safe


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Craigslist is good to use

As you all know craigslist is a good portal to communicate or get information at the area around in all over the world. Especially to get a good deal or affordable items than any travel or touring agency, or a retail store. Also you can directly communicate local community by the category which you are interested in. In Japan that is not the same familiar or popular the way craigslist is since still kind of new compared to U.S. yet it is very useful and valuable if you know how to use craigslist Tokyo for your purpose and needs in Tokyo.

Find an good deal accommodation or car

Are you a tourist planning vacation in Tokyo? Or you are going to study or relocate work in Tokyo? It depends on what you are looking for, then each category has a lot of kinds of variety of information. ‘housing’ field is very simple to look for room shared or apartment which has better deal, in Tokyo rent or short stay both is pretty pricy. Just fun and enjoy to collect useful information for you. One by one you can look for furniture or nice stuff for your room, or souvenir.

‘Cars’ to buy or rentals it is up to you because less popular in Tokyo, there is subway or Train hub can reach you and take you everywhere, parking is expensive, taxi is everywhere to catch like in NY, heavy traffic always too. Once you would like to own a car you will have your own purpose.

‘Community’ is a good driver

Once you hit ‘ Activities’ tag or ‘events’ in ‘Community’, you can browse around all the groups and activity circles. Outdoors, video games, social chatting, coking, and so on. Anyhow it is worthy for you to check meeting up people, don’t be shy. Plus those posts people would like to exchange different language and culture with you. Please give a try for a new day and new people, new way for a change.

Megro river
Megro river

Make sure to be safe

Craigslist is all made by personal information except real estate company or hotels, dealers. You need to take your own responsibility there is no warranty or safety to guarantee you. Please be vary careful to communicate or chat, to provide your personal information.

The best way to meet is to meet or contact at public place like Starbucks, first food spot, or in front of the mall. Tokyo is really safe place though. Just keep in mind anything could happen if you are insured or not.

All tag is a must try

Regarding ‘Services’ tags are also full of useful information if you need help or add something in your day in Tokyo. repair or maintenances, or handy man, depending on what kind of help or support you need, craigslist will provide you plenty of information.

Some fun or romantic part ‘personals’ you can be open minded and give a try to look for a friend or more. It is not easy for you to find a new friends or  above, sometimes do not feel lonely. it is a good thing to find a good friendship in Tokyo to encourage and create better lifestyle.

Definitely good job opportunity

Are you looking for a job? definitely Craigslist helps you a lot of opportunity. there in Tokyo they appreciate you a lot of ways of your fluency in English. they have good industries by using English for world wide work field. Any Part time or full time, please try as hard as you can with polite manner. You are not going to be disappointed,Japanese work environment is very kind, polite and professional for you.


Are you already using craigslist Tokyo as your favorite portal? You may know better the craigslist works pretty good for you.

In different country it is hard to collect so many information by just yahoo or google, or just travel advisor or school advisor. Craigslist is definitely a must try as one favorites for you. Some people is very nice and kind, you can find a valuable time by personal moment.

You will like Tokyo more by that.


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