This is the review!  Children were really excited to see monkeys at Mt. takasaki  in Beppu-city, Oita prefecture.

I visited Umi-Tamago, whichi literally means “a egg of the sea”  is a Oita marine aquarium and nicknamed “Umi-Tamago”.

After enjoying Umi-Tamago, I also visited Mt. Takasaki next to Umi-tamago this time.

 I wrote a review of Umi-Tamago here.
Nice play ground for children! This is the review of aquarium nicknamed Umi-Tamago located in Beppu-city in Oita prefecture. 
As for Mt.Takasaki, We can use same parking area of Umi-Tamago.

I recommend you to go both of Umi-tamago and Mt.Takasaki at the same time.

I will write a review of Mt.Takasaki and flow is like this below.

  1. Entrance fee of Mt.Takasaki
  2. Rope way of Mt. Takasaki
  3.  Review of Mt. Takasaki
  4.  Summary of Mt. Takasaki

I hope you enjoy my review.

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1.Entrance fee of Mt. Takasaki


you need entrance fee for Mt. Takasaki. There are many monkeys on the mountain and we have two ways to go up to the mountain, by walking or using rope way. Both prices are not so different. It costs 510yen walking by yourself, and 610yen buying return tickets for rope way. My family chose using rope way this time because I thought my children would give up walking during the way to the mountain.

I will write about the rope way on next topic.

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2.Rope way of Mt.Takasaki

We took rope way. We needed to wait for munites but it was OK Because waiting room were prepared  and there were articles about Mt. Takasaki attached on the wall, we enjoyed reading those.

During going up to the mountain, We could see some monkeys and children were excited.  We seldom use rope way so We chose correct way to go up.

Probably, the number of passengers are limited and everyone on board is supposed to be suit on the seats.

I recommend to use rope way if you have small children.

It takes 5 min. to 10 min. to go up to the mountain. 

To tell the truth, I didn’t care about the time so I am not sure how much it took. However, I would say it took less than 10 min.

Then, I will write a review of Mt. Takasaki.

3. Review of Mt.Takasaki

Getting off the rope way, monkeys, monkeys and many monkeys were there. We could see monkeys everywhere.

They were there just like normal but We didn’t touch them even they were so close to us because We wanted to avoid danger.

I have something to notice.

You should not run and bring any foods on you.

There is a note so I recommend to read the note carefully.

The area was not so huge. We were on the best timing to get there. We could see the feeding time and monkeys gathered to the point from every direction. It was interesting.

You know, children tend to be tired of anything so quickly so We stayed 10 to 15 min. in Mt. Takasaki.

Anyway, We incidentally came to Mt. Takasaki after visiting Umi-Tamago but We enjoyed rope way and wild monkeys.

4.Summary of Mt. Takasaki

As for summary of Mt. Takasaki, I think it’s better to visit both of Mt. Takasaki and Umi-Tamago because parking area is same.

You can enjoy to see monkeys. They are everywhere.  They never attack you as long as you do not do anything to them. You can observe them without holding foods, running and surprising them.

We went there after lunch at Umi-Tamago.

Children were happy.  I recommend you to go in a sunny day.

My family went to Oita prefecture this time for 2 days trip. We stayed at Suginoi hotel.

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We also went to harmony land on the 2nd day. I wrote a review of harmony land as well. Please look at my review!

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