Travel in Japan with Shinkansen

Today’s Topics


1. Shinkansen : Speed and Comfort
2. Shinkansen : Charming destinations in Kyoto and Osaka
3. Shinkansen : Safety
4. Summary

We introduce you to travel with a comfort and safety train, Shinkansen in Japan. As a super express train, Shinkansen is connecting the major cities and beautiful spots in Japan. We hope visitors will meet wonderful culture, nature and meals in their travel. Let’s introduce the travel in Japan with Shinkansen.
This is a picture of Shinkansen Type E2 series bound for Tohoku and Joetsu area.

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1. Shinkansen Speed and Comfort

This is Shinkansen in Japan.

Many visitors will be surprised at the accuracy of speed, service time and more its comfortableness. Shinkansen bullet train is running at 285km/h speed between Tokyo to Osaka. But passengers don’t feel the speed and can move comfortably in the train. Shinkansen has been run throughout in Japan. When you travel in Japan, we recommend you to use the bullet train. Your transfer can be smoothly.

2. Shinkansen Charming destinations in Kyoto and Osaka

The Shinkansen brings us to charming destinations. Kyoto, Nara and Osaka, there are a lot of famous places in the cherry-blossom viewing. ” Hanami ” gather under the cherry trees, has been an important event in Japan. There is more variety of pleasure under the cherry tree. We recommend two plans sincerely.

Plan A, Kyoto-Station “Fushimi Inari-Taisha”

This picture of Shrine with Cherry blossoms.

Fushimi Inari is famous as the total Hongu of Inari” which is said to be 30,000 in Japan. It takes two hours for the round trip to the top of the Inariyama. That road, surrounded by fresh woods the way, or there is a steep hill, a beautiful pond in view spot, Chaya (tea-house), even fun walking.

Fushimi Inari-Taisha
Kyoto , Japan
68 Yabunouchi-chō, Fukakusa, Fushimi-ku
Getting there
Train: JR Nara line to Inari, Keihan line to Fushimi-Inari


Plan B, Osaka Station “Castle of Osaka and Food”

“Castle of Osaka”

The picture of Osaka Castle with cherry trees.

Castle of Osaka has been popular as a symbol of Osaka. This is a historic museum, easy-to-understand Hideyoshi Toyotomi and a variety of cultural assets in video and scale model of Osaka.

Osaka Castle  ( Osaka-jo )

Osaka , Japan
1-1 Osaka-jō
Getting there
Train: JR Osaka Loop line to Osaka-jō-kōen
Subway: Chūō or Tanimachi line to Tanimachi 4-chōme, exit 9
More information
grounds/castle keep free/¥600, ¥900 combined with Osaka Museum of History
Opening hours
9am-5pm, to 7pm Aug
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Plan B, Osaka Station “Food”

Globefish restaurant “Duboraya Shinsekai-honten”

This is a picture of Shinsekai Street in Osaka.

Osaka has built up a unique food culture. Various materials are collected in Osaka where has been created the specialties. Duboraya is globefish food restaurant, using only the tiger puffer in Japan. Globefish is called “Fugu” or “Fuku” among Japanese. The Fugu as luxury food has been popular among people in Osaka. Sashimi, fried or pan, you can enjoy eating the Fugu in variety cooking methods.

Access Map to Shinsekai Street in Osaka

3. Safety

This is a picture of Shinkansen Type E7, W7 series bound for Hokuriku area.

The control center is responsible for the operation of Shinkansen every day. The control center support of Shinkansen with accurate and safe operation. In the “Shinkansen control center” there is a large display in the wall-to-wall and the current position of the train can be seen at a glance. When rain and wind is strong, the center command to prevent delays and accidents. This management system has been protected by the workers, so you notice the bullet train safety.


In the Tokaido Shinkansen, the “fatal accident zero of passengers during the ride” it has been continued for 48 years. The Shinkansen of arrival, we hope you have a wonderful encounter in the ancient Japanese shrines, temples and spiritual spots. In March-April, you’re able to enjoy the flowering of the cherry blossoms and seasonal foods also. Let’s have a nice travel with the Shinkansen.

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