Various ice cream cones in Hokkaido.

 There are some tastes of ice cream cones in Hokkaido.


Hokkaido is the biggest land in Japan. Therefore, it has many types of specialty products.In particular, I’m going to introduce about Ice cream cone which is the most famous dessert of Hokkaido. we can enjoy tasting them in some parts of Hokkaido.

Now,where do we enjoy those of tastes in Hokkaido?? How?….

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1, The places where we can get local Ice cream cones in Hokkaido.

2, In addition, I’ll offer those of details about them.

3,How to get there.

4, Summary

1(Sapporo) Ice cream cone  full of Hokkaido milk.

Sapporo is the civic center of Hokkaido. Therefore, Many tourists around the World visit Sapporo to try local food. In the various kinds of famous special products in Sapporo, Ice cream of “Yukijirushi Parlor 雪印パーラー” is the most famous in the World. And that of taste is quite a rich taste.

This shop offers huge size of parfaits to customers everyday. Tourists who visit to try it share such a big parfait with some people.

If you visit there, why don’t you try this unique ice cream cones to experience as one of interesting memories in Hokkaido?

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Detail about Yukijirushi Parlor雪印パーラー

Address:Sapporo , Chuo-ku, Kita 3 Nishi 3-1

Direction: 3 -minute walk from the South Exit of Sapporo Station . Blue signboard written,”雪印” is the mark .

2 (Otaru)Ice cream cones flavored Cheese of a famous cake shop.



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Otaru is a nostalgic city of Hokkaido. There are some traditional buildings there. Definitely, you must like this tourist spot!

Also, many dessert shops stand side by side in a row around Otaru.

information about Otaru

There is a famous desert shop in Otaru. This shop is “le Tao”.  It produces speciality products not only Cakes. In the specialty products, New taste of Ice cream cones has been produced recently. This ice cream cones are covered with fresh sweet cheese .

that of word of mouth

Detail about “Le Tao”

Address: Otaru Sakaimachi  7 ー16

direction: There is the shop at “Meruhen kosaten or intersection” near South Otaru train station.

Get off the station. Then go to the intersection direction.

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3 In Furano富良野 “Poplar farm Ice cream cone”

What a surprising ice cream cone!!!

Fresh melons are also produced in Hokkaido. Furano has also rich crops. So a tasty Ice cream is on such a fresh melon.

Detail about this shop

“Frano Popular Farm”

Address: Sorachi -gun Nakafurano-cho Nakafurano- east 1 Senkita 18

Direction: Get off at JR Nishichu-mae西中前 and Go to National Highway Route 237 intersection for about 5 minitues. And you can see the shop.

4  ” Bluegrass ice cream” in Oumu

more information in Japanese

At first, Where is Oumu??

Oumu town is eastern of Hokkaido. It takes about 7 hours by train from Sapporo. There is Sea of ​​Okhotsk near the town.

It has a beautiful scenery.

more information about Oumu in English

Oumu town is famous for Dairy. so there are great number of cattle. Therefore Rich milk is produced everyday.

Such a delicious ice cream cone are offered by a pretty shop like a hut of the farm.


Address: Monbetsu紋別郡 -gun Oumu north Oumu 355-1

more information about this shop in Japanese.


Many kinds of delicious dishes are spreading around Hokkaido. Because Hokkaido has a huge size of land and many kinds of resources have been produced recently. Especially,  I chose to write about Ice cream cone Of Hokkaido. Why don’t you travel around Hokkaido with an Ice cream cone??

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