Vegetarian cuisine in Tokyo



  1. Vegetarian friendly Tokyo food
  2. restaurants and café to go
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Vegetarianism has been more popular and popular day bay day since there health conscious diet and natural method has been considered so beneficial for human.

Lately too many first food and meats, fat and diabetes are very serious condition in all over the world. Yet Japan their diet is very healthy and awesome, naturally they prefer fish than meat, and people enjoy vegetables and fruits naturally. You will be so happy there in Tokyo for vegetarians.

Vegetarian friendly Tokyo food


Besides restaurant, you can find a tons of variety of healthy vegetarian cuisine in stores called ‘depachika’. you need to enjoy basement floor in the department stores attached in the station or any typical department store. it looks like vegi heaven out there. the stores named ‘depachika’ is so famous and popular in the busiest city Tokyo. Salads, meatless deli, any food is so tasty and good.

As Japanese culture, they care quality. You will be amazed their way of cooking and their quality.

Any vegetables like spinach, cucumber, Tofu and so on are flavorful. Please give a try to take a look in depachika food and deli, and sweets. Breads are amazing. So many kinds of bread is there. Sweets are incredibly high quality, less sugar, healthy and yummy!

How to find your favorite

By nature, Japanese food is made so healthy way. it contains a lot of kinds of vegetables, they have awesome udon or ramen noodles, soba and Tofu. Once you have your favorite like Tofu, Okara or Tofu burger, you have a lot of choice at deli. Pasta salads with beans, they don’t flavor with much salt or oil, you can tell the flavor is so rich.

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Tofu cuisine

If you like to eat Tofu, Japanese food has a lot of tofu dishes. Tofu salad, nimono (pot cooked vegetables and Tofu), Uno hana (Okara, sort of Tofu bran) , and yudofu (Tofu pot ) is very high quality Tofu, enjoy with ponzu vinegar sauce. Not only dishes Tofu sweets are good too.  Tofu donuts and Tofu cookies you can buy any grocery stores. Japanese Tofu is way flavorful than normal Tofu when you can get in the store. People enjoy and taste pure soy flavor with Wasabi, soy sause, or any a little pinch of dressing. In Tokyo, you can hit Tofu restaurant and meet awesome Tofu cuisine.

Restaurants and café to go

You can find so easily tasty restaurants in Tokyo, since their food is very healthy and tasty, probably smaller portion compared to other countries. Vegetarian curry is a must try. Soba is absolutely delicious. If you won’t mind a little pricy restaurant,  Ginza and Roppongi area they have a lot of amazing restaurants or cafes which have vegetarian menus. President Obama or Clinton enjoys Soba or Tofu cuisine in that area. The hostess and servant are so good to serve you how to find what you like to eat. Tempura is amazing Japanese food you need to recognize. Crispy and fresh, if really good tempura you can enjoy with only salt. Any kinds of vegetable’s Tempura will be your favorites.

Sweets heaven Tokyo

As for cakes or puddings, any kinds of sweets Japanese sweets are incredible. Their sweets are very rich and moist, flavorful with full of fruits. Japanese recipe is so detail oriented, please try some cake or desert if you like sweets. Fruits tart or pudding, you can find sweets without eggs too.



It seems like you need to try every food in Tokyo. Please make sure if you like to go ramen or soba noodle place, you need to ask if they have soup without meat or fish, tell them if they have only vegetables in base soup. Most of base taste which is called ‘Dashi’ (Umami) is made from fish or chicken for noodles. Please tell clearly how strict your vegetarian style (no egg, only no meat, or no animal at all). Enjoy Japanese food , it would never turns you down.

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