Weather in Tokyo, Japan

Weather will be the biggest concern for travelers especially who come to Japan for the first time. You may choose your cloths or places you are going to travel depending on the weather. In this article, I would like to introduce you the climate in Tokyo and teach you what kind of cloths is suitable and comfortable in each season.


Figures: Temperature and Precipitation in each month

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Japan is quite famous for its beautiful spring blossoms. In March and April, even Tokyo bursts with the pink color. Cherry blossoms are like a symbol of Japanese culture even though they last only for a short period.

During the spring months, average temperature in Tokyo is around 9 – 15°C but mornings and nights can be chillier. Therefore, it is better for you to carry an outerwear like a jacket when you do sightseeing outside.



In Tokyo, the summer is the hottest and the most humid season of the year. It rains a lot in this season especially between June and July even typhoons come. The average temperatures are about 20 – 25 Celsius. In addition, August is the hottest month in a year because regularly reaching 30°C – and especially feeling hotter in the urban environment like Tokyo compared to urban areas.

If you’re visiting Tokyo in summer, you can easily stay and travel around with just short pants and a T-shirt but it is generally recommended that to bring a sunhat, sunglasses and plenty of sunscreen particularly for women.


Fall (Autumn)

In the fall season, which is from September to November, you can see gorgeous colors in Tokyo’s parks and streets. Leaves of trees change their colors into red and yellow in this season and that is just stunning. At the same time, you can get quality food because it is harvest time.

Even though the climate is different from spring, the temperature in fall is pretty much same as spring, which is not too hot and not too cold. In terms of the comfortable cloths, it is pretty much same as spring. The average temperature will be between 12 and latter half of 19°C but early in the morning and nights can be cooler so it is better to bring a warm jacket.



Winter in Tokyo, between December and February, is cold. Generally this season has clear and crisp skies with low temperature. It is expected that the temperature of this season is going to be less than 10°C and sometimes it reaches minus. Therefore, bring some warmer clothing like a coat to make sure you feel nice and warm.

It doesn’t snow very often in Tokyo, but if you’re there over the winter you might see some snow for several days.



I hope this information will help people who are planning to travel to Tokyo. As you can see, the weather is completely different depending on the seasons. Be prepare when you visit to Japan.

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