“YATSUHASHI” is traditional souvenir in kyoto.


  1. What is “YATSUHASHI” ?

  2. The origin of the name of the”YATSUHASHI”

  3. Summary

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This time, what I want to introduce  is “YATSUHASHI”.

“YATSUHASHI” is most famous souvenir in kyoto.

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What is “YATSUHASHI” ?

When visiting Kyoto, most people pick up some”YATSUHASHI” as a souvenir for their family. “YATSUHASHI” are Kyoto’s representative sweet.”YATSUHASHI” has a two types. One is the so-called“YATSUHASHI” . It is a baked one. The one is rice flour, sugar, hard baked goods in which the cinnamon as the main raw material, similar to a hard cookie. The other one is so-called nama, or “raw”, yatsuhashi, which are steamed, rather than baked, and filled with an (red bean paste). Both kinds are popular. Nowadays nama, or “raw”, yatsuhashi seems selling well for tourists.


The origin of the name of the”YATSUHASHI”

There are two theories that origin of “YATSUHASHI” .

1. It  also appeared in the “Tales of Ise” , it is a classic story of Japan derived from that country Itabashi in the form of Yatsuhashi of Mikawa are similar.

2. Theory that named after the name of the founder Yatsuhashi Kengyo of the composer who was known for, such as “six-stage examined ” “Yatsuhashi flow”. Died in 1685, pilfering the outstanding virtue of Kengyo that was buried in Kurotani, is the confectionery was O’in the form of the koto in the form on an approach to a shrine it seems opening that was sale in named “YATSUHASHI”.


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Recently in Kyoto, there are several traditional “YATSUHASHI” . And more, it changes flavors every season, in keeping with Japanese tradition—as to be expected of a store with over three hundred years of history—it approaches this time-honored dessert in new ways, too.

You can enjoy the taste of “YATSUHASHI” and feel history of Kyoto.

Have fun your Kyoto trip!!!

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