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  • Do you want to use Japanese Skin Goods??

  • Don’t throw it in a trash can! Dried orange peel has a great effect on your health!

  • Living with a dog let you live longer

  • Do you know the meaning of the idiom? : 美人薄命

  • Kouri oohashi (bridge) and Kouri jima (island)

  • Cape Zampa : Cape Zampa Lighthouse , Animal Touch Corner , Cape Station

  • Senagajima Umikajitarasu (Senaga island sea breeze terrace) – Gourmet and shopping spots

  • Do you know what the Japanese proverb means? : 借りてきた猫( Karitekita Neko)

  • Another aspect of Rabbit Island: the scars of the war

  • What do you know about rituals in Japanese funeral and wake?

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