Foods with the effect of anti-aging, and effective nutrition and meals for anti-aging.


There are many ways for anti-aging, such as, anti-aging meals, supplements, skin care products, injections, exercise, and so on.


Many women feel worried when they find skin sag, wrinkles or blotches on their faces, and they start relying on cosmetics and skin care products.


However, do you think foods affect more than those products?


As many say that you are what you ate, so it’s absolutely true that your skin condition depends on what you ate.


Then, what foods are good for anti-aging?

Today, I’m introducing various foods that will lead your skin to a better condition!





1. Red wine and chocolate



Do you know red wine and chocolate has the substance that is effective for anti-aging?


This is, polyphenol.


Polyphenol works to kill active oxygen, which causes aging.

It is widely-known as an effective substance for preventing arterial sclerosis, improving immunity, and reducing the risk of cancer.


Red wine and chocolate contain rich polyphenol.


Red wine has been a kind of representative of the foods with rich polyphenol, but few know that chocolate also contains polyphenol.



In fact, cacao, the basic ingredient of chocolate, has the great amount of polyphenol.


It’s nice that you can eat tasty wine and sweet chocolate, and do anti-aging!




2. Tomatoes



Tomatoes are also effective for anti-aging.

Tomatoes are known as a vegetable which contains various vitamins.

Not only the vitamins, but tomatoes also have rich lycopene, which is a substance to slow the speed of aging and get rid of active oxygen.


They are very common all over the world and cost not that much, so you can start to eat tomatoes every day for anti-aging!




3. Soybeans, nuts, fruits and other vegetables



* Soybeans


The reason why soybeans are good for slowing aging is that it has rich isoflavone content.

Isoflavone is a substance which has the same function with female hormone.

So, soybeans are good for those who want to enhance your charm and look yourself more attractive.




* Fruits


As most of you already know, fruits contain rich vitamin C, which works effectively for anti-aging.

In particular, strawberries, oranges, lemons, grapefruits and kiwis are regarded as the foods with plenty of Vitamin C.






Vegetables are not only healthy, but also effective for anti-aging!

Representative examples which gives a positive effect on your skin are, spinach, cabbage, cucumber, pepper, parsley, and potatoes.


In addition, pumpkin works well for anti-aging, because it contains rich Vitamin E.



* Nuts


I strongly recommend nuts (almond, etc.,) and sesame to you.


For the Japanese people, sesame is a familiar ingredient, and it’s easy to be used in daily meals.




Now you know some foods good for anti-aging.

I think you are familiar with the most of the foods mentioned above, and it’s not that difficult to keep in mind to use the foods, such as;


* Always cook salad with tomatoes

* Always cook miso soup with tofu

* Sprinkle sesame seeds on rice

* Choose red wine for evening drink

* Eat nuts as snacks with alcohol   








How was it?

There are various anti-aging foods and supplements, and you can easily start doing things for anti-aging.


However, just making it a habit to take anti-aging foods every day is not only effective for your skin but also for your health.

Let’s fight against aging by reforming your eating habits, and get both healthy skins and better inner health!


I hope you have a good result!