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Best Japanese Drugstore Makeup Products

 2016/07/15 Japanese Health & Beauty   930 Views

Best Japanese Drugstore Makeup Products

If we could afford as many makeup products as we want from every high end brand, there would be nothing to stop us. But we already know being a woman can cost so much. Visiting a hair salon once every month, buying new dresses, enjoying fancy meals at popular restaurants etc… Drugstore makeup is girls’ life savior when it comes to saving money and looking good at the same time. But the truth is we also want good stuff, not just cheap stuff. Today’s blog post is all about Japanese drugstore makeup products that are as good as high-end products! These drugstore products are perfect for makeup beginners as well because they are very affordable.

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  1. Mineral Watery Foundation from Integrate

    Refer to this site: http://www.shiseido.co.jp/ie/mineral/

    Refer to this site: http://www.shiseido.co.jp/ie/mineral/

First product is a foundation, a must item when you start your makeup.

One of the most popular primers that can be often found in a makeup bag full of high-end products is this drugstore foundation from Integrate, Mineral Watery Foundation.


“Perfect in summer or if you have oily skin. And it’s only 1,200 yen!”


The texture is very light and literary like water. And it gives the no-makeup finish and your skin looks like it’s naturally flawless! It’s been a must-have item for the no-makeup makeup look for a long time.

  1. Revlon Skinlights Pressed Powder

One of the best drugstore finishing powder that can be also used as a highlighter is Skinlights Pressed Powder from Revlon, especially the purple one.

It’s got beautiful shimmers in it, and instantly adds a gorgeous look on your skin.


The brush that comes with the powder isn’t so bad, but use a face brush instead to achieve even more flawless look.

Swipe the product twice on the highest points of your face such as cheek bones, bridge of the nose, forehead etc, to create a more sculpted look.

  1. Designing Eyebrow from KATE


“Wish I knew about this product sooner! It’s that amazing!”


Honestly, if you are a makeup junkie, it’s hard to stick with one product for each purpose. I have tried other eyebrow products but I always come back to this one from KATE, and I’m now using my 3rd one.


Usually, I don’t use those mini brushes that come with makeup products and use the ones I bought separately. But this brush that comes with the Kate eyebrow powder is another reason I love about this product. It’s easy to use and does a great job.
And the colors of this eyebrow palette can be adjusted to work well with pretty much any hair colors.

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  1. Eyeshadows from Majolica Majorca

    Refer to this site: http://www.shiseido.co.jp/mj/allitems/

    Refer to this site: http://www.shiseido.co.jp/mj/allitems/

I’m sure a lot of Japanese girls would name Majolica Majorca when it comes to Japanese drugstore eyeshadows. They come in a lot of shades, very affordable, and the packaging is gorgeous. It’s pretty safe to say they are one of the best drugstore eyeshadows!

Refer to this site: http://www.shiseido.co.jp/mj/allitems/

Refer to this site: http://www.shiseido.co.jp/mj/allitems/


Their single eyeshadows, Shadow Customize has been one of their most selling products of recent due to the mono-makeup trend. I’m actually a big fan of their Shadow Customize myself, and got them in green, yellow and pink.

  1. Lash Version-Up from Ettusais

    Refer to this site: http://www.ettusais.co.jp/fs/etweb/ettusais_eyemake/31177

    Refer to this site: http://www.ettusais.co.jp/fs/etweb/ettusais_eyemake/31177

Do you know how big of a difference it makes with and without a mascara primer before applying a mascara? You will be surprised… It’s something only those who already know understand, but I strongly recommend this mascara primer from Ettusais. It keeps your eyelashes curled throughout the day and gives the doll eye effect.

There are so many other mascara primers out there but this one is definitely one of the best that you wanna keep coming back to.

Get it if you see it, since it’s so popular that it’s out of stock most of the times at almost any drugstores.

  1. Lip and Cheek Cream from Visee

Girls can never have enough lipsticks and blushers, so why not add this Lip and Cheek Cream from Visee to your collection. It’s long-lasting and very affordable. What more does it need to be the best drugstore lip color/blush?

You might think drugstore products are for teens, but the color range of this product has been expanded lately and now it also comes in apricot, plum color and such which is also perfect for grownups or those who prefer more sophisticated looks.

  1. Lip Tint Syrup from CANMAKE

If you are a lipstick lover, you need this in your life. Lip Tint Syrup from CANMAKE.
I found it just when I was looking for a lip tint that has a glossy finish.

The cute toy-like packaging is actually adorable.
It’s very pigmented, very moisturizing but lasts all day.

As long as one of Japan’s biggest and most popular drugstore makeup brands, CANMAKE exists, drugstore makeup could never go wrong.


Who Wouldn’t Like Good Drugstore Makeup Products?

You can also enjoy mixing both drugstore and high-end products and have even more fun!


*If you are interested in any of these products shared in this article, contact me via contact form on the blog. I’ll be more than happy to be your personal shopper!

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