The Professional Way to Put Eye Cream!!



Do you usually use eye cream for your daily skin care routine?


If you think you don’t need to use it because you think you are not old enough to use it, think again. There is nothing to be early to start using eye cream!


We use smart phone and pc a lot nowadays and our eyes get tired from them without noticing it.


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It is obvious to tell oldness especially by eye parts.

If you realized you have wrinkle, slackening, and dirk circle on your eyes, it’s time to use eye cream!




Basic Way to Use Eye Cream



Eyes show ages,,,



Regular moisture skin care is not enough to fight with wrinkles and dry skin sometimes.


You just need to add one more step into your daily skin care routine!


Put eye cream after take shower and after wash your face in the morning make so much difference on your eyes!


Put eye cream gently after put your toner, lotion, and cream.

Please check instruction of the eye cream that you are going to use first, and it is ok to put it last if there is no instruction.



Take pearl size of eye cream on back of your hand, warm up with your finger, and then, put it on your upper and lower eyelid, and hollow of the lower eyelid. Use ring finger and put the cream from corner of the lower eyelid to inner corner.


Then, move your finger to upper eyelid through between nose and inner corner of the eyes. Then, move to the corner of your eyes. Repeat it three times.


For the last of the third time, move your finger toward to your temple.


You put to much pressure on your skin when you use index finger, so using ring finger is point to do it right.  


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Great Eye Cream You Should Use!




If you concern about wrinkle by dry skin, Ceramide, Lecithin, Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen, Squalane, Amino Acid, and Polyglutamic Acid work!


Those ingredients help to keep moisturize your skin. I recommend eye cream that contains all the ingredients above.


In addition, I recommend using eye cream that contains Retinol, Peptide (EGF, FGF), Arujirurin, and Proteoglycan for anti-aging.  



What You Need to be Careful When You Use Eye Cream?




It is important not to scrub too hard when you put eye cream on your eyes since skin around your eyes are very sensitive.


Please don’t be lazy doing your daily skin care even though you put eye cream.




Refer to this site:




Lets keep young and beautiful skin putting eye cream daily.


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