Let’s wear a kimono and take a walk in Kyoto! Things to know when you rent a kimono, and five recommended kimono rental shops in Gion area.



As a growing number of tourists visit Kyoto, one of the most historical cities in Japan, kimono gains more popularity among non-Japanese tourists.

Gion(祇園) area, a popular tourist destination in Kyoto, recently has been having more kimono shops which are easy to use for non-Japanese speakers.

Among tourists from other countries, Kyoto is known as an ideal place to see what Japanese old quaint town is about.

Walking around Kyoto in kimono with traditional designs and quaint colors, you feel you blend into the atmosphere of the old streetscape, which allows you to more enjoy staying in Japan.

For those who have a trip to Japan in summer, let’s try to put on a yukata, a Japanese summer kimono, and take a walk along a river Kamogawa(鴨川)!

Kamogawa in summer is a feature of summer in Kyoto, and one of the most recommended spots to visit in kimono.


When you go into a kimono shop to rent one, you may be surprised at the variety of the color and the design of the kimono.

I’m sure it’s also fun to find a favorite one among the huge variety of the kimono!




1. It’s not difficult to rent a kimono at all!


Do you think it’s difficult to rent a kimono in a kimono shop?

Don’t worry, it’s not that difficult to use a kimono shop indeed.

When you find an interesting rental kimono shop, I suggest that you should start making a reservation to visit.

Many of kimono shops with their websites have an inquiry form, so you don’t need to call the shops in Japanese.

Feel free to do it!


On average, it might be about an hour in total to choose a kimono and wear it (15-30 minutes), and to make hair (5-10 minutes).

Don’t you think it’s nice to have a traditional Japanese look and take a walk around Kyoto in an hour!



2. Things you need to ask a kimono shop when you rent a kimono

I’m talking about several things that you have to ask a shop before you visit the shop.


* Whether the shop has kimonos for tall people

Some kimonos have maximum height limits and are not suited for tall people.

So, when you send an inquiry, don’t forget to ask it if you are tall.


* Whether there are something you need to bring

When people wear a kimono, they usually wear a special underwear for kimono.

So, for those who worry about whether you can have it by yourself in Japan, it’s nice to ask a shop about what to bring when you visit the shop.


* How and when to return a kimono

Each kimono shop has a rule to return kimonos that customers rent.

So, check how and when you need to return a kimono, and follow the rule.




3. 5 recommended kimono shops in Gion area


* Mission Gion (ミッション祇園)

Website: http://mission-gion.com/en/





Website: http://kimono-tamtam.com/languages/



* Yuzuki(遊月)

Website: http://www.geocities.jp/arashiyama_hybrid/



* wargo Gion Shijo store (wargo 祇園四条店)

The shop has five stores in Kyoto city!


Website: https://kyotokimono-rental.com/en/


* Kyogokoro (京ごころ)

Website: http://www.kyo-gokoro.com/


How was it?

I hope you have wonderful memories of Kyoto in kimono!