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A capsule hotel more than just a capsule hotel

Refer to the site: http://tabi-labo.com/283480/hotel-in-holland


When a friend from an European country came to Japan to see me, he chose a cupsel hotel, not a luxury hotel or a guest house, to stay.

He brought a surf board, so I wonder whether a room of a capsule hotel is too small for him to rest and put everything he brought.
However, I found that I worried unnecessarily.

When I heard how he felt, he said “I’m surprised at the smallness of the room!”

But it seemed he was very exited at the Japanese capsule hotel.

However, there might be fewer people who feel as the friend felt about Japanese capsule hotels.

This is because the Japanese style of capsule hotel is being exported to many parts of the world.



A cupsel hotel which attracts travelers


Refer to the site: http://tabi-labo.com/283480/hotel-in-holland



Now, there are many types of capsule hotel, but I had had an impression that a capsule hotel sought only simpleness, until I found the capsule hotel “CityHub” in Amsterdam.
It’s a capsule hotel that travelers want to stay, instead other styles of accommodation.



Refer to the site: http://tabi-labo.com/283480/hotel-in-holland



CityHub is located in the center of Amsterdam, and only 1.4km away from museum square, the house of Anne Frank.
It offers guests mobile wifi, and for those who want to upload photos on SNS right after you have visited tourist destinations, the cupsel hotel helps you a lot.



Change the light color in accordance with mood!


Refer to the site: http://tabi-labo.com/283480/hotel-in-holland


The app for CityHub’s guests enables you to change the color of the light in a room.

You can choose the color according to your mood!

The app has other various functions.

One of the unique ones is that you can have a chat with staff members in the capsule hotel through the app.

The staff tells you recommended tourist destinations and little-known but good places in Amsterdam.





A wrist band that works as a key and a wallet


Refer to the site: http://tabi-labo.com/283480/hotel-in-holland


One of the characteristics of the capsule hotel is that you get a wrist band when you have checked in.

This wrist band works as a key to your room, and as a wallet to buy alcohol at a bar in the capsule hotel.

You will feel comfortable at the capsule hotel because you don’t need to be worried about your wallet being lost or stolen when you are at the bar and get drunken.



Refer to the site: http://tabi-labo.com/283480/hotel-in-holland

Today, you can find a lot of capsule hotels in many countries on the Internet.

Maybe, we Japanese people already get accustomed to capsule hotel because it can be seen everywhere, and few are surprised at the small room.

However, once we stay in a capsule hotel in other countries, we may find something interesting.

If you have a plan to travel abroad, why not choose a capsule hotel!

I hope you have fun!




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